What is luck?

Luck is a metaphysical concept, referring to events that happen due to an unknown reason. Some people believe in it, some don’t – but everyone has experienced good or bad luck at some point in their lives.

Here are 20 signs that you’re a lucky individual:

1. You’ve won a contest or lottery.

Winning a contest or lottery means that you have entered, which means there is at least one chance for your tickets to be “drawn” – but it doesn’t mean that you are lucky just because you won. Luck is only indicated when the odds of winning or being drawn are fairly low.

2. You have 2+ friends born on the same day as you are.

This may sound crazy, but having so many friends gives an indication of how lucky you are – simply because your birthday must’ve been somewhere in the top 10 most popular days for children to be born. It’s statistically impossible to have so many friends with the same birthdays if they aren’t even popular days!

3. You’ve been struck by lightning.

Being struck by lightning is considered one of the unluckiest things that you can happen – but it’s also a sign that you’re lucky. Why? Because it means you’re still alive!

4. Your car has never been in an accident.

This could be luck, or it could be good driving skills – but either way, if your car has never been in an accident, you’re considered lucky. Statistically, most drivers will experience at least one accident in their lifetime.

5. You always seem to find money on the ground.

Finding money on the ground is a clear sign that you are lucky – especially if the amount of money found is significant. This happens because most people don’t ever find money on the ground, so the odds of you finding it are quite low.

6. You’ve been blessed with a “good face.”

A “good face” is an indication that you are lucky because people with good faces tend to have an easier time in life. This is because they are more likely to be trusted, and they also tend to have an easier time attracting friends and romantic partners.

7. Your birth was easy and you didn’t experience any complications.

If your birth was easy and you didn’t experience any complications, it’s considered a sign that you’re lucky. This is because many births are difficult, and most people do not escape complication-free.

8. You always seem to win at games of chance.

If you always seem to win at games of chance, it’s a clear sign that you’re lucky. This is because the odds of winning at these games are not in your favor.

It might be a good idea for you to visit casinos if you think you’re a lucky individual!

9. You’ve been blessed with good health.

Good health is considered a sign of luck because it’s something that most people do not have – and they would love to have it! It’s often said that good health is the best wealth one can have.

10. Coincidences happen to you more often than they do to others.

Coincidences happen to everyone, but if you find that they happen to you more often than they do to other people, it’s a sign that you’re lucky – or that you’re incredibly observant.

11. You’ve avoided accidents and near-accidents.

If you’ve avoided accidents and near-accidents, it’s a sign that you’re lucky because of your good reflexes/judgment. It could also be a sign that you are just very attentive to the world around you, which is why this happens to more people than they realize!

12. People seem to enjoy talking to you more than they do other people.

People enjoying talking with you is an indication of how smooth your conversation skills are – but if they enjoy talking to you more than they do with other people, it’s definitely a sign that these skills come naturally for you (which means there must be something about you that makes it this way).

13. You’ve won competitions and contests of chance/strength/intelligence.

Winning competitions is a sign that you’re lucky because the odds were not in your favor when you won. This could be due to luck or ability, but either way, it’s a clear indication of luck!

14. People come to talk to you more than they do to other people.

People coming around just to talk may indicate that there is something special about how social and open you are – but if others consistently come around just to chat with you more than they do with other people, then it’s likely an indication of your overall charisma and likability (meaning these individuals think highly of you and enjoy your company).

15. You’ve won raffles or lotteries.

Winning any type of drawing is something that only happens to a small group of people – but if you’re one of them, it’s an indication that luck is on your side! This could also be due to hard work and preparation, however.

16. You seem exceptionally lucky in love/relationships.

Having good luck in your romantic relationships simply means that the ones you are with tend to stay around longer than others who have entered your life previously (or they tend to be more serious about being with you). Either way, it’s definitely a good sign that there are positives surrounding this area of your life because these relationships not go well for most people.

17. You have a large circle of friends and good acquaintances.

Having a lot of friends is considered lucky because most individuals don’t have these types of relationships in their lives. If this describes you, then it’s definitely an indication that you’re probably viewed as likable and friendly by many, which can also help you get ahead in life (and it could be why others want to spend time with you).

18. You always seem to end up on the sunny side of life.

Sunny side? This means that for whatever reason your life seems to go well – like everything is falling into place for you, even when there are no explanations or reasons given by anyone else (it just happens). It’s important to note that this is different than your life going as planned – because if your life goes as planned, it’s not a sign of luck.

19. You always find money in the pockets of old clothes and rarely lose anything important (like keys etc.).

Finding unexpected money or items is related to good luck because it indicates that you’re receiving unexpected “gifts” from others (they don’t know you’re looking for these things). Of course, this could also be due to forgetfulness on your part as well.

20. People seem interested in what you have to say.

Listening to what people say and how they interact with one another can indicate whether or not other individuals enjoy their interactions with them – and if you find other people seem to be more interested in your conversations with them, then it’s a sign of good luck. This doesn’t necessarily have to be about love or relationships either – so don’t read into this one too much.

21. You have been given nicknames from friends that indicate something lucky about you (like Lucky, Lucky Charm etc.)

Being given a nickname by your friends that have to do with luck means that they see you as lucky in some way, which is obviously an indication of good luck. The other possibility is that others may think you are taking advantage of your “luck” by doing things without thinking about them first – so be careful!

22. Your family seems full of exceptionally lucky people (or vice versa).

If most members of your family are considered to have good luck, then it’s likely because they are viewed as likable and friendly individuals who can help each other out when needed (and this trait could have been passed down the family line). Of course, if everyone seems to have bad luck in your family, then it could simply mean that this isn’t a good sign for you.

23. You have won (or been a part of) many jackpots.

Winning any type of drawing or a jackpot is something that only happens to a small group of people – but if you’re one of them, it’s an indication that luck is on your side! This could also be due to hard work and preparation, however.

24. Your life is full of happy accidents.

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, but if most things in your life seem to be going too smoothly without explanation, then it’s likely because these are all considered “happy accidents.” What this means is that good luck surrounds you in every way possible and that everything has fallen into place without much effort on your part – which really isn’t the case.

There are many other indications that you may be lucky, but these are some of the most common and obvious ones. So, if you see yourself in any of these descriptions, don’t forget to count your lucky stars!