So, did you just buy a new coffee machine and you don’t know how to take care of it?

Don’t worry! In this post I will show you 4 useful tips for maintaining your coffee machine like new, even after years of use.

You will discover that you have to create a daily cleaning routine for your machine, the importance of filtering the water that goes through your machine and more!

Keep reading if you want to know more about these tips.

1. Learn How to Use Your Coffee Machine

The first and most important thing that you have to keep in mind if you want your coffee machine to last years is to learn to use it properly.

Coffee machines are complex devices with a lot of functions and requirements.

Of course, the level of complexity will vary depending on your coffee machine, for example, if you have a non-electric lever machine you just need to learn a few basic concepts and the proper technique.

However, if you have a semi-automatic espresso machine it is different. These machines have sophisticated mechanisms and, therefore, have a higher level of difficulty and require more knowledge and practice to use them correctly.

Now, if we talk about the requirements, let’s highlight a fundamental aspect that you need to get right if you don’t want to break apart your machine.

In this case, we are going to talk about espresso machines’ water capacity. 

If you fill the liquid collector of your espresso machine with too much water, the water will start leaking from the bottom of the machine which ultimately is not good for the system.

2. Create a Daily Cleaning Routine

Every type of coffee machine needs special care, for example, if we are talking about a basic pour-over coffee maker, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to clean it thoroughly.

However, if we talk about an espresso machine, it’s a different story.

Espresso machines need a daily, monthly, and annually cleaning routine.

If you don’t clean your machine frequently you will need to perform heavy maintenance on it, which can get expensive and time-consuming.

Replacing some small parts and cleaning them on a daily basis can highly reduce the long-term costs of maintaining your espresso machine.

But what to do?

  • Wipe down and purge the steam wand after each use
  • Flush the group head after some rounds
  • Clean the draining hose
  • Clean the portafilters

If you perform these actions every single day, you will ensure the long-term durability of your espresso machine.

Now, if we are talking about simple coffee makers, like a french press coffee maker or an automatic pour-over coffee maker, just make sure to clean them at the end of the day to avoid parts malfunction and bacteria accumulation.

3. Use Proper Water

Now we are going to talk about something that lots of coffee machine owners usually ignore and it is the use of proper water.

Let’s focus on espresso machines for a moment.

If you have an espresso machine with a direct water pump and you don’t have a high-quality filter on it, what will happen is that over time the water source will bring minerals and sediments that will be deposited in the water reservoir of your machine.

This is not good at all because your machine will stop functioning properly after 2 or 3 years of use since these sediments will block the water flow through the system of your machine.

Also, these sediments will corrode and oxidize the internal system of your machine.

How to avoid this? Simple, as I said before, you need to buy a high-quality water filter and put it right at the beginning of the water source.

If you have a machine without a direct water pump, this issue won’t exist since you will need to refill the tank manually.

However, remember to use high-quality clean water to avoid imperfections in the final product.

4. Keep Your Coffee Grinder Burrs Sharp

One of the most overlooked things that coffee machine owners don’t take into consideration is keeping sharp their coffee grinders burrs.

After grinding around 800 pounds of coffee, it is highly recommended to sharpen your coffee grinder burrs or just replace them.

This will maintain a really good consistency in your grounds and the final flavor of the coffee that you prepare.

Final Words

Now you understand some of the most important tips for maintaining your coffee machine like new.

However, these are just a few tips and you need to educate yourself more about the topic because the world of coffee machines is huge.

Best of luck!