Cooking and preparing meals is something every homeowner can relate to. It’s a time where families and loved ones come together, where recipes are perfected and experiences are shared over food. Providing the best space for these memorable moments is important when making renovations. A kitchen is like the heart of a house. Take care of it, and it breathes life into the rest of your home.

If you want to sell a home fast, it’s no secret that an updated kitchen is most attractive to buyers, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Listed below are five easy ways to update your kitchen without the hassle and expense of remodeling.

Clean, clean, clean

DIY (or do it yourself) solutions are the best way to tackle kitchen upgrades with a budget. Before starting any renovation project, however, it’s encouraged that you do a deep clean of the area to see problem areas. A majority of top realtors say cleaning prior to sale is their number one priority. 

Brighten your kitchen

Real estate agents say that a fresh coat of paint is the most essential upgrade before selling. For a clean, spacious look, professional stagers recommend brightening your walls with a warm white.

Lighting upgrades can be worth the price, as dim yellow lighting can illuminate grease stains and make the room sulk. Emit warm tones with simple modern pendants or a chandelier. 

Cabinets and countertops

Replace your cabinets if your budget allows, or sand and paint over your current cabinets to give your kitchen an upscale look. White cabinets give the illusion of a cleaner, brighter space. Houses with darker cabinets and less attractive tile counters tend to sell for less than updated kitchens.

Like cabinets, clean and updated countertops can make a big difference. You don’t want dirty counters to be a reason someone loses interest in your home. If you’ve cleaned and your countertops still appear old or dirty, for a price of $400, you can hire a handyman to put a coat of epoxy paint to create a seal over tile counters. If you can afford a higher expense, consider granite counters to appear more modern.

Make your kitchen ‘homey’

Presentation isn’t everything, but it’s enough to make a sizable difference. Two-thirds of real estate agents say they are most likely to recommend the kitchen for staging compared to other areas. 

Limit the number of items on counters. Any more than five items can make a space look cluttered. Add pops of color with plants or glass jars filled with colorful fruit. Applying focal points around the room can make the space feel ‘homey’ and comfortable. 

New appliances can add value

Switching out old appliances is a great way to get a return on your investment and make your kitchen feel brand new. Updated appliances that blend well with the rest of the aesthetic can tie an entire look together to really grab buyers’ attention.

Although they are the most expensive upgrade, stainless steel appliances can transform your space.

Worried about the budget?

If you make renovations to your home and are limited by the cost of your projects, there are other options apart from DIY solutions. Home renovation loan options are available as another avenue to help you acquire the budget for these projects.

You can access your home equity through a federally-insured or private lender. And remember, there’s no single solution that meets every individual’s needs, but there are different options that can help you.