Most people pass over their ceilings as they decorate their space. Yet, the ceiling space is an area of the home great for creativity and a way to show off your personality. You can transform your space in many ways but do not forget the ceiling. Purchase new furniture, go through slumber search to get the best mattress and bed, and think of the best way to give your ceiling space a fresh look. It can be as simple as applying fresh paint with a unique color, but there are other tricks you can try at affordable costs. Below are ideas to inspire your new ceiling.

  1. Layer your ceiling lights 

Not everyone wants too much color in their bedroom. There are still bedroom ceiling ideas to compliment your home and give it a beautiful finish. For instance, you can never go wrong with layered lighting. Layered lighting creates a romantic and clean impact by mixing bold with thin and straight lines. Do not be afraid to experiment too. You can have a statement chandelier with hanging pendants. Plus, you can borrow many other ideas from various online sites.  

  1. Install a tin ceiling 

A tin ceiling in a bedroom space is beautiful, and if you add it to the guest bedroom, you awe all your guests. The tin ceilings were trendy in the 1900s, but people are using them again. The tin ceiling adds moodiness and drama to even a minimalist room. You can customize your ceiling with various finishes, framing elements, and sophisticated stamped patterns. Authentic tin plates are low maintenance, lightweight and last forever. This is why most barrooms and historic homes boast original tin ceilings to date. 

  1. Try recessed ceiling lights

The lights you choose for your bedroom can make it look crowded or beautiful. It is not hard to pull a painted ceiling. Plus, do not be intimidated if you have never done it before. Therefore, if you think your bedroom looks busy with scones and other lighting types. Forgo the hanging fixtures and pair your painted ceiling with recessed lights to give you a seamless finish. 

  1. Add crown molding 

As you think of what rooms in your bedroom should have crown molding. The bedroom would stand out with these designs on the ceiling. Most old homes have beautiful crown molding, and you can also try to add this detail and charm to revamp the look of your bedroom. Think outside the box and add a center medallion to create a wow finish in your bedroom ceiling. The intricate detail may look expensive, but you can fake it around your current light fixture with attachable mold for under $50. 

  1. Go bold with color 

You can have your ceiling in crown molding, but it does not have to be white. Think pink and add a pink trim to make the room look impressive. Also, you can go black and white to create a dramatic statement. You need a can of paint to make a statement with a black ceiling in a white bedroom. Black makes the ceiling look lower. Therefore, it adds architectural interest and a more intimate feeling. Thus, it is ideal for a boxy and boring room. 

  1. Paint over vaulted ceilings 

You may be into the classic and sophisticated look. But you still want to make your room more modern and moody. If you have a vaulted ceiling in your bedroom, do a top to bottom navy paint or any of your choice to create a high-impact finish. The benefit of a vaulted ceiling is the exposed beams add character to a room. It gives off a rustic appeal. Plus, it is an efficient use of dead space. Plus, when you walk into the room, such a ceiling gives the room a magnificent feel as you walk in. 

To sum up, you can try the above to give your bedroom ceiling some character. But, there are other things you can try. Such as going wild with hanging plants. For instance, the Pothos plants are nature’s chandelier. Also, you can choose to cover the ceiling with wallpaper for a change. Additionally, you can add interest with exposed wood beams or add character with a shiplap ceiling.