The entry hall is the first thing people will see when they enter your home and is typically an area in most homes that people pay the least attention to. It could make a better first impression with just a little home design inspiration, and benefit the rest of the house as well. 

Your house’s entryway should be more than just a place to leave your shoes – it is a place where you leave everything behind and enter the comfort of your own home. Here are some great ideas for designing a welcoming and chic home entry. 

Declutter and keep it simple

First things first – if you are tight on space, keep it simple by making the most of the space available. Try to keep your hallway clear of clutter and choose furniture that is the proper size and durable as there will be a lot of people going through this area. Entrance halls sometimes look smaller than they actually are. They will feel more open if you set up an open storage system with some hooks and shelving.

Set up a seating area

No matter the size, your entrance hall will look nicer and more welcoming if there is a seating area. It can be a bench seat, an ottoman, or a stool. This is where you pull on boots and do up shoelaces, have a phone conversation, or perhaps relax in silence. 

These pieces of furniture can come with some extra storage space too and can be quite stylish with the right colors and materials. If you’re lucky to have a window in your hallway, a seating space can be set up right beneath it for unwinding and enjoying the views. 

Create a coat space

Space for coats and shoes will always be an issue if your home does not have a designated coat room. The hallway will undoubtedly appear more spacious if it is well organized. If you want to keep things organized, open shelving and coat hooks will make a tiny space feel bigger. 

Use under-the-stairs space 

The area under the stairs is often useless space that could be niftily used to reduce clutter in the hallway, such as additional footwear storage, a coat room, or a simple pantry. What’s more, if you lack space for a seating spot, this could be it. If you are not a fan of under-the-stairs cabinets you can never access properly, turn it into a cubbyhole instead by installing a cozy bench seat with cushions and handy shelves above it. 

Create more visual space

The look of your stairwell will most likely affect the whole entrance area. To connect your front door and the stairs, you may use a handrail made of the same wood as your entrance door. A glass or a wire balustrade is perfect for those looking to achieve a minimalist appearance while providing a view that is clear without obstructing ventilation and which will go well with other materials. 

A large hallway mirror may be an eye-catching focal point and give a contemporary corridor depth. If mounted on a wall next to or across from a window, it will reflect light thus enlarging and enhancing the room’s appearance. Additionally, a neutral color for the walls will help. With larger entranceways, the secret is to limit your design to no more than two or three basic elements and to only a few pieces of furniture. 

Play with colors 

Try some bold, modern finishes by experimenting with vibrant colors if you don’t want to make this area gloomy. You should definitely let the light in and install windows if your home renovation budget allows for it. If not, another option is to paint the walls a stark white color. 

To maximize the light reflection that comes with white paint, don’t forget to paint the hallway’s ceiling as well, and to make the space as bright as possible, add some spotlights. Sometimes it is not only about the color, it’s about texture too. You may opt for modern wallpaper which will give your hallway texture, and perhaps make the area more appealing.

And finally…

Making your hallway design ideas unique to you is just as important so make sure to add some personal touches. It can be a piece of artwork, a photograph, a vase, or a hall runner. The key is to do whatever works best for you and your family to create a comfy home.  

By Mike Johnston