You deserve to have gorgeous locks even on the days when you’re the one doing your hair. Bad hair days are something we all deal with and combatting them may seem like the most annoying way to spend your mornings. Sometimes, no matter what we do our hair looks as if it has its own will and doesn’t want to cooperate. Luckily, hairstylists care about you looking your best all the time which is why they shared their tips on how to have the healthiest hair. Read on to find out more.

1.    Get a silk pillowcase

Despite the common belief, your hair routine isn’t reserved only for the moments you’re actively trying to make your hair look better. You can care for your hair even while you sleep. Having a high-quality silk pillowcase is one of the best things you can do for both your scalp and your hair quality. Harsh materials in your bedding may damage your locks while you sleep. Therefore, you should invest in a silk or even satin pillowcase which will be softer for your strands. It’s also fantastic for your skin too!

2.    Install hair extensions

Have you ever been admiring a woman’s long and voluminous hair as she passes you by or while scrolling through an influencer’s Instagram feed? Having beautiful hair typically requires a combination of hard work and good genetics. Hair extensions, on the other hand, are one of the most effective cosmetic procedures available. If you’d like thicker, longer hair or a different style, premium hair extensions are a great option. Hair extensions for thin hair are a great way to boost your self-esteem and get the style you want. From simple clip-in extensions you can blend in with your locks yourself, to more permanent options such as tape-ins, the choice is ultimately yours.

3.    Use the right conditioner

You probably already know that conditioner is a must, but do you know how to properly use it? Apply conditioner sparingly, concentrating it solely on the ends of your hair if you’ve noticed that it’s becoming oily at the roots. Apply conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. At the roots, conditioning might cause your hair to become heavy and brittle. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the conditioner all over your hair, which will also assist to untangle your locks. For the ultimate moisturizing action, make sure to use products that work well in conjunction. For example, don’t use a shampoo for oily hair and then a conditioner for brittle and dry strands. If possible, get products that are specifically made to be used together and you’ll get the best results.

4.    Always protect your hair

It’s crucial to protect your hair from UV and hot tools, such as straighteners, tongs, and even your beloved hairdryer, since these products may cause damage to your hair. Some hairdressers recommend using a heat shield even while only drying your hair at home. In order to protect your tresses from the damaging effects of straighteners and sunlight, use heat protection sprays. To avoid split, fluffy ends, don’t hold the hair drier too near to your hair when drying. If you don’t think your dryer is guilty of burning your locks just try to have it that near to your skin! You’ll instantly pull away because it’ll burn!

5.    Lukewarm to cold water is the best

Showers that are hot may seem soothing, but in reality, they aren’t worth it. There’s a risk of stripping your hair of its vital oils if you wash it with water that is nearly too hot to touch. Consequently, the next time you take a shower, consider lowering the water temperature. Cleansing your body and hair with lukewarm water is simply more beneficial than using hot water. Additionally, it may also dry out your skin, so having a shower in slightly colder conditions may help you have both gorgeous hair and skin.

6.    Carefully brush your hair

Brushing is always vital, but don’t rip through your hair blindly. Being overly aggressive with your hair can only lead to harm, and no one likes to deal with fluffy, split ends. Hairstylists recommend brushing your hair twice a day for a beautiful, healthy mane that is free of knots. You should add brushing your hair to your morning and night routines for approximately a minute each time.

7.    Be proud of your natural hair texture

Women all over the world are increasingly coming to terms with their own unique hair textures. If you’ve been using hot styling tools for a long time to fight against what mother nature has blessed you with, it may take some time to figure out what your hair actually wants and needs. When it comes to curly-haired ladies it’s all about utilizing products that are curly friendly. Sulfates, mineral oils, waxes, and drying alcohols are all examples of products that may cause hair dehydration and irregular curl patterns.

The health of your hair is just as important as your skin! With these tips in your arsenal, we hope you’ll grow that gorgeous mane of yours to absolute perfection.