I’m the owner of CreativeFlicks, a blog that explores how creativity can be used to enhance our lives.

I provide insights into creativity for entrepreneurs and creatives alike. My favorite topics include finding inspiration, creative habits, and ways to take your next idea from concept to reality.

You might also know me as “the woman who does stuff.” Some other things I do are: make videos with my friends about entrepreneurship; create content for local businesses; write articles on Medium; design infographics; tell stories through video production; live in San Diego (but not forever); drink coffee like it’s water (and it is).

Even though I spend most of the day chasing children around the house (mostly mine) – I also have an activity I simply love, blogging!

I like to write about topics that other women and mothers like me can relate to – how to acquire a clean, elegant, and attractive look, how to offer the best care to your babies, and how to transform your house into a pleasant and welcoming place.

Blog post in the making.. (with assistants)

I might also mention the best places to get away for a well-deserved break!
If you are interested in working with me you can find out more on my Write For Us page.

I am trying to give fellow moms the chance to enjoy the nice reading time, without taking too much of their, already too busy, time.

So get a nice cup of coffee, relax and enjoy all the silly stuff this blog offers! <3

Lauren Van Allen