In many cases, the negative public image of pit bulls is due to prejudice and misinformation regarding this race in the media. On the other hand, irresponsible guardians are also to blame for the pet’s poor reputation.

We will attempt to debunk any existing misconceptions about pit bulls, regardless of their validity.

A pit bull is a type of dog that “bites.”

It’s a hoax. According to the findings of a temperament test conducted in 2012, 86.8 percent of pit bulls passed socialization, aggressiveness, stability, and sociability tests. Scottish Shepherds had better results than golden retrievers (85.2 percent) and pit bulls (86.8 percent).

A pit bull is a dog that has been trained to be mean.

False. Pit bulls are bred for high levels of energy, so they need lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation to maintain good behavior. To this end, trainers give them agility exercises or teach them specific tricks which keep their natural aggression in check.

We train pit bulls to be mean.

Once again false, as evidenced by the test results mentioned above. There are cases when certain dogs are abused or mistreated into attacking humans arbitrarily, but it doesn’t happen often because pit bulls are usually very affectionate towards people who take care of them properly – especially children.

Aggressiveness is innate in some breeds of dogs (such as Pit bulls)

Actually, aggression is not a breed trait. It’s associated with the upbringing and training of the dog in question.

Pit bulls are a menace to society because they attack without provocation.

When it comes to pit bulls, once again we cannot generalize – only separate the individual from the race as a whole. There have been cases when pit bulls have been trained to be hostile or carry out criminal activities such as robbery – however, these dogs were sent against people by their “owners” who abused them emotionally and physically during their training period. In other words, they were forced into being violent rather than born that way.

Negative publicity evokes negative public opinion, which in turn leads to discrimination

The fact that certain media outlets keep publishing false reports on pit bulls doesn’t help the breed’s bad reputation. If anything, it reinforces an already existing stigma surrounding pit bulls by suggesting that they’re dangerous – which is not true.

If you believe in protecting animals, you should keep away from negative publicity of any kind and refrain from discriminating based on race or physical appearance alone. This will eliminate the fear of so-called “dangerous breeds” and prevent people from attacking innocent individuals without provocation.

Pit bulls attack more than other races

It’s also a myth that was “confirmed” by the American Veterinary Association, which found that no breed attacks more frequently than others using study. The aggressiveness of the dog is entirely determined by its personality and training.

We have a responsibility to treat all races with respect and kindness

Pit bulls fall under the category of “misunderstood.” They’ve been given a bad reputation that’s completely false – just as with any other dog. A person living in an area infested by dangerous breeds such as pit bulls should still watch out for them the same way he would do with any other dog, regardless of its race or physical appearance. It doesn’t matter if everyone hates pit bulls. We shouldn’t hate anyone simply because he belongs to a particular group – especially not one which has been wrongfully judged like pit bulls.

Pit bulls “lock” the jaw

According to Dr. I. Lehr Brisbane of the University of Georgia, a specialist in pitbull training, behavior, and skull and tooth structure, several research has confirmed that pit bulls’ skulls and teeth differ from those of other races only in terms of size.

There is no reason to believe that their jaw will be “locked” when compared to another dog’s, and there is no indication that it would be in the case of other breeds.

Pit bulls were bred to fight and maul other dogs

Another false statement made by those who don’t know the breed very well. According to Jennifer Leese, author of “The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression,” pit bulls hadn’t been bred for fighting since the 1960s – only for entertainment such as agility trials and legitimate sports like weight pulling. Their massive jaw muscles had little or nothing to do with their jaws being locked, which is an exaggerated characteristic that actually belongs to bulldogs.

Here is some more information about this race

These are the most commonly abused dogs

Pit bulls have been the most frequently abused dogs in recent years, according to the US Humane Society. Because they belong to that breed, up to 70% of them will be euthanized in city asylums. The other 30% are not dangerous to humans – but are likely to be euthanized based on their physical appearance alone.

They used to be “nannies”

Dogs of this breed have long been known as “nannies” since they were kind, caring, and patient with youngsters. This is evidenced by children’s films and writings. The TV series “Little House on the Prairie” had a pit bull as one of its main characters, while Disney’s “Peter Pan” included another popular pit bull in the role of Nana.

They are bred to be fearless and protective

The combination of these two qualities is what makes more people than ever think that they want a pit bull. However, you must be aware of the fact that this dog does not attack without reason. It will only do so if it feels threatened or if your property is attacked.

Although they’ve been given the reputation of being the most aggressive dogs on Earth due to misjudgment and ignorance, pit bulls are very caring toward people. They’re used to children due to their patient and gentle nature, which is exactly why they’re sometimes chosen as family pets despite the fact that there are other more suitable breeds available for this role.

The Pit Bull is not a race

The Pit Bull is not a breed but a common name for the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staford, Bull Terrier, and Bulldog.

The term “pit bull” applies to any mix of these breeds.

There are many used breed terms for Pit Bulls, including but not limited to:

Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Amstaff, Staffy-type dogs, Bully type dogs.

These are all related breeds most commonly known as the Pit Bull.

Pitbull bites in the media

A pit bull bite receives significantly more media coverage than any other dog attack. During the four-day journalistic study, it was determined that only one of the three fatal attacks by dogs that were not pit bulls is mentioned, whereas this dog’s assault will be reported 230 times in local and international news sources.

Pit bulls are war veterans

During the First World War, pit bulls were the symbol of American soldiers, who admired their bravery. In addition to being symbols, however, pit bulls engaged actively and are the breed that received the most honors! Stubby distinguished himself by saving his entire platoon from a gas attack and a surprise attack, while a pit bull named Sergeant Butch saved his own wounded master by dragging him to safety.

They were used for illegal dogfights

This is false because the dogs fought each other and very rarely against people. They weren’t forced to fight but chose to do so because of their intrinsic nature.. Dogfighting was banned in the 1800s, but it would be another 100 years before the act was criminalized.

Pit bulls are human aggressive

It’s true that they’re very loyal to their owners and may even risk their lives for them, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t discriminate between them and strangers. However, pit bulls aren’t dominant alpha dogs, so they won’t attack humans. On the contrary, they see themselves as protective and would rather retreat than engage in a fight.

The truth about pit bulls

According to the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS), a temperament evaluation organization founded in 1968, and accredited by the Border Collie Health & Welfare Council’s International Board of Directors, ‘pit bulls’ are “the world’s most famous dog breed.” According to, the world’s best-known animal welfare group, the American Pit Bull Terrier is “the dog most often reported as being aggressive by the news media.”

The pit bull was bred for fighting, but that does not mean they are vicious animals. According to animal behaviorist Dr. Stubby Stibbe, it has nothing to do with the breed’s nature. ‘It’s not the breed that makes a dog dangerous, it’s the environment in which he is raised. If you keep him on his own with no education or social contact, he will be dangerous. But if you introduce him to children and animals from day one, he can actually be very gentle.’

Pitbull today

Today’s pit bulls, according to most experts, have been influenced by these features. Despite the fact that many people do not consider them a breed of pit bulls, they are identified by their broad skull, powerful jaw, and sturdy ‘chunky’ body with short hair.

They are utilized in a number of dog sports, such as agility, flyball, and ‘dog frisbee,’ but they also excel in obedience competitions. It’s a versatile working dog that requires a lot of exercise in a nutshell.

Who is the pit bull for?

Owners, particularly if their pitbull or American Staffordshire Terrier is their first dog, should enroll their dog in a school that teaches basic obedience training. The owner will learn how to communicate and interact with his new pet. It’s critical to employ only positive approaches that don’t resort to physical punishment since, while they may appear threatening from the outside, pit bulls are very sensitive.

They’re calmer with older children, although the child should be instructed on how to behave properly around a dog. Parents must also teach them that they have no right to touch or hold the animal without permission from their owner.

Pit bulls are happier when they live in families who exercise often and provide them with enough attention, so they are the right choice for families who are active.

Pit bulls are often rescued from dog pounds or humane societies because of their challenging behavior. Many people feel sorry for them after hearing their stories and give them a second chance in life to live in a family environment where everyone takes care about each other. These dogs were banned from many countries, but thanks to the recent campaigns they’ve been ‘rehabilitated’. As a result of their loyal and caring nature, pit bulls are now considered as “man’s best friend” in some countries.

Dogs that have not been trained to perform basic obedience should be given with sufficient activity on a daily basis to maintain an athletic body.

Pit bulls are suited for recreational athletes who need a partner for running and cycling and can be used to compete in agility or some other canine sport.

In addition to physical activity, a pit bull needs a lot of brain exercises such as searching for hidden objects.

Ignorance or a lack of time are no defense since any dog may be vicious if it is in the hands of irresponsible owners. Pit bull breeds, for example, have a high cost-benefit ratio.

How to choose a pit bull?

Unfortunately, most pit bull breeds are obtained for their looks rather than their disposition. In addition, while their character is neglected, the temperament and requirements of this breed make it necessary that nothing goes wrong.

The majority of the breeds that clash with the pit bull for any reason will end tragically – with severe injuries as a result of their genetic predispositions. The pit bull, guilty or not, will be thrown into the water.

Because this is a breed that is prohibited in most countries or has special regulations, it usually implies the dog will be euthanized.

The American Pit Bull is a wonderful playmate for children when properly trained. He is full of affection and mild with people, but he may be a poor guard dog due to his eagerness to welcome everyone who comes through the door. The American Pit Bull is devoted and loyal to his family, and if necessary, will lay down his life for them.

It’s not unreasonable to say that this breed represents the most wonderful thing there is about dogs.

We don’t think about breakfast when we’re with a Pomeranian. They are kind, stable, and tolerant, making them excellent friends. Children close to them should not be left alone because of their size or breed.

The American Pit Bull is a medium-sized breed of dog. They are incredibly bright, and they pick up all the commands and performances quickly. They have a great zest for life and enjoy being part of everything that goes on around them. Even as adults, the American Pit Bull shows love, which is something to cherish.

Once you get to know this race, you will wonder how you could ever live without it. Got more facts on pit bulls? Send it over as a guest post and we will be glad to publish them!