We all know that the best way to boost our health is through a healthy diet, but sometimes we can’t make it happen. Enter: smoothies. Smoothies are an extremely versatile and tasty way to get in your daily fruit & veggies, without having to sit down and eat them! Plus they’re super quick to prepare and easy for you on-the-go folk! Here are some of my favorite ingredients for making a great-tasting smoothie in a snap. Let’s go!

1) Banana – Everybody knows bananas have lots of potassium, fiber & vitamin C, but did you know they help stabilize blood sugar levels? In addition, they add a pretty creamy consistency. If you want something less sweet add in another vegetable or two!

2) Celery – This wonder vegetable is low in calories and sodium, but still packs tons of flavor. It also has antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, as well as dietary fiber. I like to use celery because it adds a nice hint of ‘celery-ness’ to the smoothie without tasting too overpowering.

3) Berries – Strawberries, blueberries & raspberries are great antioxidant-rich ingredients that provide lots of vitamin C! They’re delicious all on their own or mixed together for an epic berry blend. They contain lots of natural sugars so if you’re watching your sugar intake just remember to count them toward your daily intake (and adjust accordingly).

4) Spinach – I know what you’re thinking: Yuck! But just try it. I swear you can’t taste spinach at all when mixed with other ingredients, and it has lots of vitamins & minerals, fiber & antioxidants. The health benefits don’t stop there though– It’s been shown to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety & fatigue while also improving bone strength and boosting your metabolism! [1] [2] [3] [4] 5) Ginger  – This pungent root adds a nice spicy kick to most anything without adding too much flavor. It has tons of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties & is great for digestion (try putting some in your green tea!).

6) Chia Seeds – I am convinced chia seeds were put on this earth to make smoothies better. They’re like a natural thickener and can be added to any of your favorite ingredients (like avocado) for an extra boost of protein, fiber & healthy fats!

7) Parsley – This herb is full of vitamins & minerals and has been shown to fight inflammation and cleanse the blood (which makes it great for detoxification). You can give your smoothie some extra green by throwing in a handful or two.

8) Avocado – This yummy fruit adds a nice creamy consistency that’s perfect for those with sensitivities to dairy products as well as providing lots of healthy fat & potassium. It also has lots of fiber & antioxidants!

9) Oats – The next time you think about reaching for that sugary cereal, try adding a spoonful or two of oats to your smoothie! They provide tons of fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied all morning long. Plus they’ve been shown to lower cholesterol & blood pressure while lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome. [1]

10) Kale – This dark leafy green is incredibly low in calories (only 34 per cup!) but still manages to pack a nutritional punch. It provides lots of vitamin A, iron & calcium; plus it has lots of antioxidants that fight disease and inflammation throughout the body. So if you’re looking for something super-healthy with an earthy flavor, kale’s the way to go!

So there you have it, 10 delicious ingredients that can be thrown into a blender and turned into something magical. I like to blend up one of these every morning (sometimes adding in some cocoa powder for an extra antioxidant boost) and drink it throughout the day– You’ll feel refreshed, energized & well-nourished in no time. Now get blending!