It’s no secret that I have a number of pet projects. These are things I am either currently working on, or would like to work on if the opportunity arose. This article serves as an ultimate list of hobby ideas with links to relevant information that can be used by anyone without me having to write tons upon tons of duplicate blog posts about these topics. If you decide to follow up on any of these project ideas, let me know! If I ever end up writing something more in-depth about any of them, I’ll link to those posts here for your convenience! With that said, let’s jump right into it with…

So what are some hobbies you can get into today?


Maybe this isn’t your idea of a “hobby”, but taking the time out of your day to sit down and relax with some friends, or make new ones online can be a very rewarding experience. You also get the benefit of getting to blow off steam, relieve stress, and maybe learn something new. Some examples: Pictionary (board game) – Play with friends and family who live far away!  Never Have I Ever – Play this at your next party or get-together. It’ll be a blast! Poker (card game) – For those that like strategy and need to know how to bluff their way to victory… Also great for playing in tournaments if you’re brave enough. League of Legends (online multiplayer battle arena) – More fun than it sounds even though it looks intimidating.

If you have no idea what is going on, don’t worry. You’ll catch on really fast!

Minecraft (online sandbox game) – Build whatever comes to mind in the limitless virtual world! Watch some videos of things other people have built for inspiration… Then go out and build your own creations!


A great hobby that can keep your brain active, engaged and working while also providing some relaxation through reading entertainment. Some examples: Game of Thrones series (George R.R. Martin) – Unlikely that this needs an introduction if you’re into gory action-fantasy stories like I am… The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) – C’mon… Just do it already! Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card) – Sci-Fi at its best! Ready Player One (Ernest Cline) – Ever wanted to be in a video game? This is the book for you.


This hobby gets a bad rap from some people who can’t seem to understand why anyone would want to listen to other people singing and playing instruments… I personally cannot see what’s wrong with this, but hey… To each their own. Some examples: Listen/download new songs daily! – It doesn’t have to be every day but try and get out of your comfort zone by listening to different artists that don’t necessarily play the style of music that you’re used to. Experiment! Learn how one or more musical instruments – This doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment. Start with something small and manageable like learning basic chords on the guitar or piano… Then work your way up from there! Be creative!


Sometimes we need to do absolutely nothing and just “veg out”. Watching can be a great hobby that can bring us into brand new worlds through TV shows, series, movies, and documentaries. Some examples: Dirty Jobs (Mike Rowe) – Sometimes we can all use a good reminder that not everyone who works the dirtiest of jobs is miserable and hates their job. I personally love this show and it always gives me something to think about! MythBusters (Jamie & Adam) – Okay so maybe we could skip busting myths… But it’s still an awesome show about learning new things and busting myths through science! South Park (Comedy Central) – Hilarious adult cartoon if you’re into that sort of thing Garbage Pail Kids ( Topps Company ) – Yeah, they’re still around those cards from the 80’s are awesome to collect or just look at for a laugh.


Do It Yourself! There are so many things that can be done if you just put your mind to it. This hobby is great for those who like making, building, and fixing stuff on their own even though it may take a long time. Some examples: Teach yourself how to play an instrument – For example… If you’re into arts and crafts, you could customize your things to give them more personality. When you buy online or off the shelf, chances are, you’re buying something that many other people have bought. If being unique is important to you, DIY-ing your things is not only a creative solution but also an engaging hobby. Stationery that comes in subscription crates is a great way to start because you’ll have a regular supply of arts and crafts materials to work with. Once you’ve started customizing one, it’s hard to stop. Guitar, piano, drums… Those are relatively simple instruments to learn how to play Beginner’s woodworking – Maybe you want some new furniture or maybe you’re thinking of building your dream desk/chair/bookshelf! These plans should help get you started.


Yoga is not only good for getting in shape but also working through stress and anxiety (see article above). If yoga isn’t really “your thing”, then try another form of stretching/exercise that is! You can also just do yoga at home or outside.

Something you always wanted to learn how to do but never had the time for… Now is your chance! If you’re considering something, consider taking it further by attending classes in your local area or even starting small and teaching yourself. Some examples: Taekwondo (Korean martial art) – I took this when I was younger… Maybe you were too? Or maybe it’s something completely different but still in the same spirit. Learning self-defense could be a good hobby if that’s what you want out of it Meditation (trying to clear your head) – Don’t know where to start? Try the website Headspace. They have awesome short starter courses that can help you stay committed!


I read for entertainment, education, and to expand my mind/horizons. This is not something I do every day but I try to at least read a little bit of something fiction or non-fiction on a daily basis. Some examples: Harry Potter – For those who are into fantasy/adventure books whether young or old… Harry’s world is awesome! American Gods (Neil Gaiman) – Fantasy with a modern twist The Martian (Andy Weir) – Sci-fi… But with real science mixed in! Ready Player One (Ernest Cline) – Fun book about virtual reality


This was one of my hobbies that aided my mental health. Writing can be a low-stress hobby that is ideal for people who are always on the go. The key is to find a pace and style that works for your needs and lifestyle. All you need is the right tool, such as a journal pad and a good set of pens. There is no correct or incorrect method for pursuing writing as a hobby.

Board Games

Ever wanted to play a board game but couldn’t find anyone to play with? Now you can! Board games are awesome and they’re going to be more popular than ever. Some examples: Monopoly – The “classic” real estate game. If you like buying, trading, and selling properties… This is the perfect hobby for you! Ticket To Ride (Days Of Wonder) – An awesome train-themed board game. Great if you love trains or even if transportation isn’t your thing! Settlers of Catan (Kosmos) – So simple yet so addicting and fun! You’ll see what I mean when you give it a try


I started knitting in the winter of 2012 and it has been a great experience! You can knit anything from small things like scarves or mittens to large ones like blankets or sweaters. It’s something you can do when watching television or listening to music, etc. Some examples: Busy Bee – This is a great website with tons of patterns for beginners and even some for more advanced knitters… If you’re looking for patterns from when I’ve posted on my blog in the past, click here. Ravelry – Basically Pinterest but everything is knitted/crochet related. Just use the search bar to look up whatever you’re interested in, check out some project galleries, and post your own projects if you want!


Gardening can be a challenging activity, especially for beginners. Luckily, there are beginner-friendly options in the market, such as mushroom growing kits.

Gardening might not be your thing but that’s okay! I would consider it a hobby since you could spend hours outside tending to your plants, flowers, and a little garden. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends in the process. Some examples: VegWeb – The ultimate vegan gardening website… This is where I got most of my information when starting my first garden (in 2012) Growing herbs indoors – Great idea for those who don’t have enough room for a real garden or live in a small apartment/house wanting their own herb(s) of choice.

Jewelry Making

Some people enjoy collecting jewelry while others might just want to make their own. You don’t have to be a professional jeweler or even know how to solder in order to give it a try! Some examples: Beadaholique – This is my favorite website for buying beads since there are so many choices and they also have free shipping on orders over $50! Etsy – Online marketplace with tons of handmade items… Search for whatever you’re interested in learning more about here

Animal Shelters/Rescue Centers

Spending time at an animal shelter may not be your thing but if I told you that there are ways of helping out that don’t include physically being there, would you think differently? Some examples: Make dog food – You can make your own dog food at home and even find out what it is that your beloved pet needs/is allergic to by doing so. Make cat food – Same idea as making dog food… But for all you cat lovers! Just remember, if you plan on feeding them something other than store-bought, just be safe about it. Help out financially – This includes either donating money or supplies (e.g., newspapers, paper towels) Donating items – Sometimes just giving them old clothes or furniture is all they need


Woodburning (or pyrography) is an art where you apply high temperatures to wood in order to make an image or word visible. You can literally do anything with it! Some examples: Etsy – There are lots of people selling different wood items on this website… Just watch out for cheap prices because some may not be quality work. Just search for whatever you’re interested in and see what pops up. Pinterest – This is great if you want ideas on what images/words to put on what type of wood before actually getting started


You don’t have to be an expert in order to give cardmaking a try. You can customize your own cards for different holidays by using stamps, stickers, stencils… everything! Some examples: Making custom birthday cards – Be creative and have fun with it… Try making one for everyone you know even if there’s no special occasion. Pinterest – Lots of creative ideas here so use the search bar to see what fits your style or theme


I’m not talking about how good you are at baking cookies or cooking spaghetti (although that too counts!) I mainly want to talk about organizing any recipe you find online (if you’re new to this) and also writing your own recipes. Some examples: Pinterest – Search for recipes that you want to try veganizing or just see what other creative ideas there are out there Vegan Richa – This website has a ton of vegan Indian style recipes and also gives suggestions on how to veganize different dishes/foods


This doesn’t necessarily mean going over to your friend’s apartment and feeding their cat while they’re away. You can start by offering to help walk dogs at the local animal shelter or dog park. Some examples: Good Doggies NYC – Offers free group walks for those who volunteer with them… I think the only catch is you have to provide your own transportation since they do not give you a specific location where to meet up. Also, first-time volunteers will have to fill out an application before going on a walk and will get to know the volunteer coordinator beforehand. Rover – This website helps you find other people in your area who need pet-sitting services and also connects you with them so that you can set up arrangements.


This is another art form where all you do is apply paint/patterns using different materials such as paper, plastic… Even wood! Some examples: Pinterest – Tons of ideas here for stenciling walls or just regular flat surfaces Craigslist – You can offer to do this for free of charge by the hour depending on how experienced you are Painting Walls NYC – If you’re looking for more advanced tutorials, check this one out


The whole idea behind pottery is to create something out of clay. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bowl, figurine, or plate… You can make whatever you want! Some examples: Pinterest – There are lots of different tutorials that pop up when searching for anything related to pottery. Just watch out because some may not be easy enough for beginners Etsy – Places like this sell all sorts of items made from different people so it’s definitely worth checking out

There you have it! I didn’t really go into too much detail for each of these because that would take way too long so if you would like me to do a shorter version of this list with more information, just let me know.

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