Croc boots are a controversial item in the footwear market. There are many claimed benefits of croc boots, but also many drawbacks. 

For this reason, croc boots are not very common in the western world, although they are extremely popular in southern Asia due to their low cost. It’s easy to see why croc boots are so very popular in places like Thailand and Malaysia, where crocs can still be found everywhere. 

Croc Boots Pros

But let’s explore some of the key pros and cons of croc boots before delving into further detail on crocs themselves:

1) Croc Boots totally prevent water from entering your shoes when submerged, great for people who work around water all-day

When wearing croc boots, you can walk straight into a pond or river and your croc boots will keep the water out.

2) Croc Boots are super comfortable to wear – crocs have a very soft rubber material

Crocs feel much better on your feet compared to hard shoes because crocs flex with each step. Also, croc boots hold your feet at the optimal angle for walking, which reduces aches in hips, knees, and ankles caused by incorrect walking techniques when wearing other types of shoes.

3) Croc Boots dry extremely quickly after they become wet due to their construction from a thin layer of webbing sandwiched between two softer rubber layers

You can just hang up croc boots in a dry place and within half an hour, the crocs will be dry.

4) Croc Boots can be washed using a hose pipe or in a normal washing machine, so croc boots are extremely easy to maintain

This is great for people who work outside all day but also for anyone who wishes their croc boots would look brand new forever!

Croc Boots Cons

However, crocs do have some drawbacks which our customers need to consider before buying croc boots: 

1) Crocs contain many different chemicals that smell horrible when heated – croc smell can be removed by wearing crocs in direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks without interruption 

Unfortunately, this means making sure they’re worn every day and you cannot take them off during wintertime. Even just working indoors with croc boots can cause crocs to release their horrible smell.

2) Croc Boots are the most hideous shoes you could ever wear – crocs look terrible on anyone other than farmers

Crocs will make your feet look so ugly, people should have a special croc license before being allowed to purchase crocs! Seriously though, crocs don’t even come in any styles, and crocs only come in two colors: brown and black (well, they also come in yellow but that’s not really a color). 

Even green croc boots would be better than brown or black crocs because at least green croc boots would match some outfits as green wellies do… But no doubt green crocs would still be extremely ugly.

3) Crocs are very poor quality crocs – croc boots fall apart quickly

In reality, crocs don’t last very long before becoming flat and requiring the rubber to be manually re-inflated. After a couple of years, croc boots may even split at the seams which means you would have to purchase new croc boots.

So there you have it – your key pros and cons of wearing croc boots. In summary, croc boots do allow you to protect your feet from water while keeping them comfortable with their soft material. However, crocs look terrible on anyone other than farmers and croc boots require constant maintenance of being aired out every day as well as being occasionally washed using a hose pipe or in a washing machine.

Croc Boots Buying Guide

So to sum it up:

– They’re super affordable

– They’re good for the environment by not creating any waste 

– They’re crazy durable and last for years and years

– They’re super comfortable to wear

– You can walk through water and mud easily with croc boots on

Croc boots have a number of drawbacks that you should consider before buying them:

– croc boots make it very easy for you to slip on wet surfaces

– croc boots can easily crack if they get old and dry out 

– croc boots make your feet look huge! Which is a good or bad thing depending on who you ask…

– croc boots have a very strong odour that sticks around for weeks no matter how much you air them out

– croc boots really start to smell bad after being worn inside all day at work, even if you wear crocs every single day.

So… crocs, good or bad?

Well, crocs are great for people working outside in wet conditions because croc boots allow you to slip on and off while keeping your feet comfortable. Also, croc boots are extremely durable but the only drawback is having to constantly air them out each day by hanging crocs up somewhere outside. Nevertheless, crocs do eventually start smelling after wearing inside all day long which means having multiple pairs of crocs for indoors and outdoors is not a bad idea!

However, croc boots do go through a number of stages as they gradually lose their shape and require you to manually re-inflate crocs by blowing into them. Your croc boots may even split at the seams which means you would have to buy new croc boots. And probably worst of all – croc boots make your feet look huge no matter what style of crocs you wear… Not everyone can carry off such an eye-catching fashion statement!

Either way, we hope this article has helped answer some questions for you about croc boots and we’ve given you enough information to help people with one foot in a pair of wellies (tough old-fashioned things) and one foot in crocs (the croc revolution).

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So, crocs are worth it? They’re not too bad, right? Well, that all depends on your personal preference and what you think of croc boots after reading this article!

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