Picture this. It’s 8:45 pm and it’s one of the greatest nights of your life. You’ve been looking forward to this dinner party ever since you sent the invitations. You did hours upon hours of research figuring out what kind of meal would best feed a group of 12. You settled on a beautiful arrabbiata-style pasta, but you give it a little twist. Just to make it your own. Everything’s going swimmingly. Your guests are smiling. You’ve invited your boss which was a gamble, but it turns out she’s a fan of the same podcast your best friend Sean works on and they’re hitting it off. Finally, it’s time to serve dinner. Everyone compliments you on the smell of the food as you transport it from the kitchen to your table. All your guests congratulate your cleverness for adding sliced cherry tomatoes to your arrabbiata. You think to yourself nothing could get better than this. Except, however. That last little touch. The spice you’ve been waiting to add all night. A beautiful red merlot that you chose after trying at least a dozen other bottles. The perfect pairing for a night of scintillating conversation. You uncork the wine and bring it out to the table. Suddenly your gait stops. Your foot feels something soft, but without a ton of giving. You look down. Sean’s left his shoes out in the middle of your apartment! You start to take a tumble. The wine soars through the air. Almost as if by some magic, you watch the bottle make a 360 revolution over your rug. You hope for some miracle, but unfortunately. It’s fallen on deaf ears. The wine has landed face down. And is drenching your rug. You get up a tad embarrassed, but your guests are kind. They all let you know about how much fun they’re having and how wonderful a host you are. Yes, luckily your night is not ruined. The bad news though? Your rug is! However! Do not fear! Because we’ve created this amazing guide to show you some of the best washable rugs that are perfect for your home! 

Why Washable?

Do you know how familiar that story I told earlier felt? It’s because we’ve all been there. When you choose a rug you’re choosing a piece of furniture. Something that you’ll see every time you walk into the room. So of course you’re going to spend some time choosing the perfect rug. Now just imagine how heartbreaking it can be when after you go to all that trouble you’re forced to throw it away after a particularly bad spill. It’s heartbreaking! It is Horrendous! And it’s why some of us have trust issues! Well, a washable rug won’t alleviate all of that paranoia, but it will mitigate its fair share of disasters. By allowing you the simple stress-free ability to just throw your rug in the washing machine if it ever gets dirty. This not only saves you money, but it’s incredibly convenient for anyone’s busy schedule!

Still Stylin?

It’s important to keep your home up to date. Someone who is constantly updating their style is telling the world. I’m constantly updating myself! I’m not satisfied with who I am today, but I am excited about who I will be tomorrow! Shouldn’t that then extend to your home? Decorating your living space is a tough job. Finding something that will produce that inner chemistry that creates a room not only fit for entertaining but relaxing and living is a large order. Especially when looking for a specialty item. Luckily these rugs are on the tip of the trend! The designers of these rugs keep up with all the latest trends. So that you don’t have to worry about what’s next in the latest lookbook trends! 

Help Yourself!

Self Care comes in all shapes and sizes, but what you may not initially realize is that this can mean your home too. You see when you take care of your home, you’re helping to take care of yourself. Studies have shown that people who live in cleaner environments show signs of improved attitude and a higher quality of health than those who don’t. Keeping your space around you clean literally (in a way) cleans your mind as well!

Keepin It Clean!

Now, this may seem a little redundant, but let us dig into this topic for a second. When we think of getting a stain on a living room rug, what do we picture? Getting on your hands and knees? Scrubbing as hard as you can, but only feeling like you’re working that stain deeper into the rug? Well put away that club soda, put away that salt. Put away that steel wool/nylon carbonate brush that has your name on it. It’s time to rethink and make life a little bit easier. Because when you spill something on this rug, all you have to do is…Gather it up. Open your washing machine. Press start, and boom! You’ve cleaned your rug. Now you may think this trivial, but this is a revolutionary breakthrough in the way we can take care of our household! 

We live in a hustle and bustle society. Whether you have to get up at 6 to get to work, or to get the kids ready for school. There never seems like enough time to get everything done. In our always online hyper-digital, hyper-connected world. It feels as if we are constantly shackled to the wants and needs of dozens of people at a time. Making even the simple pleasures of taking a break or finding some time for yourself feel like a herculean task. When you’ve gotten to this point. It’s time to take the edge off, and the best way to do that is to start small. Though it may seem a little silly. Just taking one stressor off your plate can make a world of difference. And when it comes to keeping a rug clean, being able to pick it up and throw it in the washing machine, is a step in the right direction!