There’s no question that mom and son matching outfits are adorable, but being fashionable with children can be a challenge.

Check out these tips to help make dressing your little one a breeze.

1. Start with basics.

When dressing your child, it’s important to start with basics and build from there. This way, you can be sure that everything will fit well and look great together.

Cotton basics are easy to coordinate, have lots of wear in them, and are extremely comfortable.

If mom loves fashion, mom and son matching outfits don’t have to be the only goal. Kids can dress in stylish separates that mom would love for herself!

2. Layer up with jackets and vests.

Jackets are one of the best ways to make mom and son matching outfits look fashionable instead of basic. Keep your kid warm while adding a touch of style with a tailored blazer or sporty hoodie zipped under a lightweight vest.

3. Add accessories for extra flair!

Accessories can make an outfit go from drab to fab in no time flat. Choose fun hats, belts, scarves, and fun socks.

4. Keep it comfy.

When mom and son matching outfits are cute, that’s great. But mom doesn’t want them to lose comfort points! Make sure the fabric fits nicely and isn’t too tight or scratchy.

Keeping your little one happy and comfortable will ensure they’ll keep mom and son matching outfits in their regular rotation for a long time!

5. Use mommy and me prints as inspiration.

Mommy and my prints look so sweet when mom is wearing the same print as her child! They’re also easy to wear because mom can match her child without feeling like she’s wearing a traditional mommy and me outfit which sometimes feels matronly instead of stylish.

6. Use mommy and me matching outfits as inspiration.

Make mommy and me matching outfits your goal, not your starting point… it’s worth the extra effort to create mommy and me matching outfits instead of mom matching with her kid! You’ll get cuter mommy and daughter or mommy and son matching outfits that way.

7. Get creative!  

Make mom and son matching outfits unique by picking prints, colors, or even silhouettes that are different for both mom and child. Sometimes the best mommy-son matching outfit is one where you can’t tell they match at all!

8. Have fun with patterns.  

Instead of using solid colors to make mom or son look drab, use patterns to make mom or son look fabulous. The more patterns you use, the more mommy and son matching outfits become mommy and daughter matching outfits!

9. Avoid mom and daughter matching outfits.

While mommy-son matching outfits are cute, mommy-daughter matching outfits can seem a little too matchy sometimes. If mom’s not into that sort of thing (and many moms aren’t), it might be wise to avoid mommy-daughter matching outfit pitfalls by making each child an individual instead of playing into traditional gender roles with mommy-daughter matching outfits.

10. Keep mom and son matching outfits casual.

You can make mommy-son matching outfits with sneakers, brown shoes, boots, sandals, clogs… you name it! It’s also possible to make mommy-son matching outfits without mom or son wearing jeans (but it’s definitely easier to start with mom and son in the same pant).

11. Shop at the same store.

If mom and son matching outfits is your goal, then shopping at the same store is a great way to make sure everything coordinates perfectly. You can also buy mommy and my clothing from the same store (or online shop). This makes putting together mom and son matching outfits a breeze!

12. I mom and daughter matching outfits.

Mommy-daughter matching outfits don’t get nearly the love they deserve, but mom and daughter can look adorable when mom dresses like her daughter! While mom probably wouldn’t want to dress in a way that makes it obvious she’s trying to coordinate with her daughter, this type of mom and daughter matching outfit is possible by keeping things casual and subtle.

13. Be yourself.  

If mom wants mom and son matching outfits, then mom should follow her fashion dreams no matter what. Mom can always find a way to make mommy-son matching outfits hers… even if it means doing something outside the box for mommy-son matching outfit ideas instead of with traditionally matched mommy-son matching outfits.

Mom and son matching outfits are a way to express their bond… even if the mom-son matching outfit idea isn’t traditional mommy and me clothing mom matches with her child.

14. Think outside the box.

When looking for mommy-son matching outfits ideas, don’t feel like you have to follow convention! Mom can totally try out mommy-daughter matching outfits or even mom-and-dad matching outfits if she wants to experiment with dressing differently from other moms, dads, kids, etc.

Instead of following all the rules when it comes to making mom or son look stylishly matched, think about breaking fashion rules instead so you can wear things that other people wouldn’t put mom or son in. Sometimes mom and son matching outfits don’t look like mommy-son matching outfits at first glance!

15. Be brave..

Being a mom means trying new things, experimenting with mommy-son matching outfits (and mommy-daughter matching outfits), and wearing what you want even if it doesn’t match mommy-son matching outfit ideas that everyone else thinks are great.

Being a mom is about being yourself… so why not try on some leggings as pants even if mom’s friends think mom shouldn’t? It’s up to mom to decide what she likes, which is why finding the right clothes for her style matters so much when looking for cute mommy-son matching outfits or sweaters to create mommy-son matching outfits.

When mom and son match outfits, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, mom and son should feel comfortable in their clothes, and the outfits should be age-appropriate. Casual styles work best for mom and son matching outfits, and it’s easy to put together mommy-son matching outfits when shopping at the same store. For more ideas on how to create mommy-son matching outfits, read on!

When mom has kids she spends a lot of time picking out clothes for her baby but once they grow up it is not that easy. When mom decides to dress her children in dressing gowns all the fun goes away.

Sometimes getting dressed becomes just another chore which is why moms should start thinking about dressing their kids as a fun activity so mother-daughter dresses could be a really fun thing to do, not just another mundane task.

Dressing up in mom and son matching outfits can be really fun for both of you. And mom doesn’t have to worry about being matchy-matchy because there are so many different combinations that you can put together.

There are a few things that a mom should keep in mind when dressing her son in mom and son matching outfits.

The number one rule is to always make sure that they are comfortable.

Clothing should be soft and fit well; you don’t want them to feel constricted or too hot. You also want to make sure that the colors work well together and that the patterns are complementary, not clashing.

Another thing to consider when mom and son match outfits is the age of your child. Toddlers might prefer more subdued colors, whereas older children might want more adventurous patterns and colors.

Mom and son matching outfits are a great way to show unity and love. You can also use mommy and me matching outfits as inspiration. Just make sure that mommy and daughter matching outfits are not too matchy-matchy.

You can have lots of fun with mom and son matching outfits, so get creative!

Remember, mommy-son matching outfits don’t have to be perfect. As long as you’re both enjoying the experience, that’s all that matters!

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