The ritual of drinking coffee has been around for quite some time.

It’s quite popular among people of all ages. It is now offered in a variety of versions, with different levels of quality, taste, and fragrance. There are several methods to prepare this beverage, which differ from nation to country.

Take a cup of coffee with you on your trip and discover the many types of coffee available throughout the world, as well as how they’re produced.

Take a look at the world’s most popular coffees and how they’re produced, along with some of our favorites!

1. Espresso

Espresso is a particular type of coffee that has an extremely rich taste. It’s made from the best Arabica beans and its flavor is generally very strong, particularly if it’s a single origin.

There are two types of espresso:  normal shots and double shots.  The only difference is that a double shot contains twice the amount of coffee, and it’s stronger.

It can be drunk with or without froth, which is called “naked” in Italy.  This beverage must be prepared by an expert who controls all the variables in order to get a perfect drink.

2. Coffee from Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, they use traditional methods to prepare coffee.  This includes roasting the beans with butter or oil prior to boiling them.

This will create an extremely strong drink that is generally prepared for special occasions with guests present.  It can be served either hot or cold, but it’s usually presented after a meal along with popcorn and fruit jam.

3. Coffee from Indonesia

This type of coffee is made by boiling finely ground coffee in the water together with sugar, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, salt, cloves, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and coriander seeds. It has a very rich taste due to the wide range of spices included in the recipe. It’s definitely a very fragrant drink which can be enjoyed any time of day.

4. Coffee from Brazil

Brazilian coffee is made by adding lots of sugar and cream to this beverage after boiling it on low heat for several hours, or even days!  Preparation also includes using more than one type of bean, either together or separately.  The result is a delicious and fragrant beverage which can be consumed with some cookies called “pé-de-moleque” (literally translated as little boy’s feet).

5. Decaf

This type of coffee was created especially for people who absolutely cannot have caffeine. The process involves steaming the beans at high pressure and temperature with water and carbon dioxide, which extracts the caffeine.  This will create a drink that looks and tastes just like coffee without any effects!

6. Coffee from Indonesia (non-traditional)

This type of coffee is made in Yogyakarta, in central Java.  It’s prepared with coconut milk and palm sugar.  The mixture is then baked into a cake for several hours before it’s cut up into pieces which can be eaten together with the beverage.

7. Coffee from Brazil (non-traditional)

Although this Brazilian beverage includes similar ingredients to traditional coffees from Brazil, it contains less sugar and more cocoa powder. It also has a bit of chili powder added to it.  The drink is also prepared at a higher temperature, and it’s poured into a cup which is then used to create a dipping sauce for fried bread.

8. Coffee from India

This type of coffee is made with roasted chicory root mixed in with the ground coffee beans. It can be either black or brownish-red depending on whether sweetened milk has been added. It’s usually taken without sugar since there’s already a pretty strong flavor. This beverage can be enjoyed at breakfast time, but it’s often served as part of an afternoon snack too.

9. Coffee from Kenya

This Kenyan type of coffee is known as “Kericho” due to being produced in this country’s Kericho County. It’s made from a mix of several varieties of beans, and it’s boiled for hours at high pressure in an electric machine. This gives the coffee a very special flavor, while still being low in caffeine content due to some beans being decaffeinated.

10. Coffee from Yemen

The Yemeni type of coffee was actually the first to ever be exported outside its country of origin!  It can definitely become a lifestyle thanks to its intense taste and aroma which is created by roasting it on charcoal fire.  Another reason why this kind of coffee has such loyal fans is that it includes cardamom, saffron, ginger, and cloves which are all ground up together with the coffee beans before they’re roasted.

11. Coffee from Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, this type of coffee is made with a particular process that involves pounding the beans in a large mortar and pestle before boiling it on high heat until the water evaporates.  When done correctly, it can result in an incredibly fragrant drink that is perfect for enjoying at breakfast time or as an afternoon pick-me-up. The taste has been described by some people as “winey”, so give this one a try if you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone!

12. Coffee from Indonesia (non-traditional)

This Indonesian type of coffee includes all the traditional ingredients that other types mentioned here have too, there’s also something else added…  That’s right!  The drink also has a bit of cocoa powder which gives it a different flavor from other types. It can be enjoyed both warm or cold while being accompanied by some nice cookies for the perfect afternoon snack.

13.  Coffee from Malaysia

This Malaysian type of coffee is made with all sorts of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and fennel among others. In fact, this type of coffee is so popular that it’s used to create milk tea drinks. These beverages are enjoyed hot or cold depending on the weather, but they’re usually taken without sugar since there’s already a pretty strong taste going on!

14.  Coffee from Pakistan (non-traditional)

This Pakistani type of coffee is especially popular in the mountainous regions of this country. It’s made with tea leaves (yes, like regular tea) and milk which is boiled on high heat until it reaches a certain thickness.  Then, it can be enjoyed hot or cold depending on the time of year, while adding some sugar to make them taste even better!

15. Coffee from Zambia (non-traditional)

This type of coffee includes all the classic ingredients that you’d find in other types mentioned here too, but there’s something else added…  That’s right!  It also has orange rinds included, making for an incredibly fragrant beverage with a very unique flavor. This is perfect for enjoying either at breakfast time or as an afternoon pick-me-up since it’s got a very strong taste to it.

16.  Coffee from Mozambique

This type of coffee isn’t as well-known as other types mentioned here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it!  It includes all the classic ingredients such as cardamom and ginger which give it a very special flavor. The beverage is usually prepared with cold water and ice cubes, so what better way to beat this summer heat than with a nice cup of Mozambican cold coffee?!

17. Coffee from South Sudan (non-traditional)

This type of coffee is highly unusual compared to others due to being made with two kinds of beans: Arabica and Robusto!  These beans are ground up and boiled in water with some salt, after which they can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Don’t worry about not liking the taste since it’s described by many as having a very pleasant smell and an even better taste due to the two types of beans that they use!

18. Coffee from Kenya (non-traditional)

Even though this type of coffee is made with black pepper and cardamom like other types mentioned here, it has another ingredient added: rose petals!  This gives it a sweeter flavor compared to most varieties of this beverage, so if you’re looking for something different then make sure you give this one a try. However, we do need to warn you that due to having rose petals in it, this type of coffee can have some side effects such as giving you more energy for a limited amount of time.

19. Coffee from Vietnam (non-traditional)

This type of coffee is made with Robusta beans mixed with green tea which gives it a very different flavor compared to other types mentioned here. It’s usually enjoyed at breakfast or as part of afternoon tea since the taste is pretty strong and it has an incredible smell!  The drink is boiled on high heat until all the water evaporates, after which it’s left to settle before enjoying.

20. Coffee from Myanmar (non-traditional)

This incredibly unusual type of coffee is made with green tea leaves, black pepper, and cardamom which makes it a pretty strong beverage. However, that’s not all!  This type of coffee is also boiled on high heat until the water evaporates and then left to settle before drinking. If you’re looking for something different from your usual cup of joe, then this one might just be what you need!

21. Coffee from Bangladesh (non-traditional)

This type of coffee is very popular in countries such as India and Thailand too, so it’s well-known by many people around the world. The main ingredients are milk and sugar, after which everything is boiled on low heat to make sure the milk doesn’t burn. Once boiling starts though, the heat is increased until it turns into a frothy beverage which can then be enjoyed.

22. Coffee from Bhutan (non-traditional)

Usually made with butter and salt, this type of coffee is extremely popular in some regions such as Tibet, India, and Nepal too! The butter helps the drink come together to form a nice froth that melts away after you finish enjoying your cold cup of joe. However, that’s not all there is to this delicious drink since it also tastes great on its own without any additional ingredients added at all!

23. Coffee from Sri Lanka (non-traditional)

This type of coffee has a very strong taste due to being combined with cardamom and ginger for an extra kick. However, if you don’t like things that are very spicy then you might not enjoy this one! We still think it’s worth a try though, so give it a go and see what you think!

24. Coffee from Iran (non-traditional)

This type of coffee is made with saffron which makes the drink have a unique yellow color compared to other varieties mentioned here. The taste is pretty strong due to having cardamom in it too, so people often add some sugar or honey to make it easier for them to enjoy their cup of joe before work or school.

25. Coffee from India (non-traditional)

This delicious beverage is usually enjoyed with garam masala which is a seasoning made with black pepper, cumin, and coriander amongst other things. It gives the drink an incredibly strong taste which you either love or hate, so if you’re not too keen on it then simply stick to drinking normal coffee for your morning fix of caffeine!

26. Coffee from Yemen (non-traditional)

This unusual type of coffee is combined with salt, ginger, and saffron which makes it an incredible delight for people who are looking for something different when it comes to their morning cup of joe! The main ingredients are all boiled together until they form a thick paste, after which hot water is added in order to separate everything out. Once that’s done, the heat is increased again until it reaches boiling point before finally being enjoyed.

27. Coffee from Cambodia (traditional)

This type of coffee is usually made with ginger and cardamom which gives it a very strong flavor that’s quite unusual compared to other types of coffee mentioned here! It will certainly give you a nice jolt in the morning too, but we suggest not having more than one cup since there’s such a strong taste!

28. Coffee from Vietnam (traditional)

Boiled eggs make their way into this type of coffee for an interesting twist compared to other beverages mentioned here! After the boiled egg is removed from its shell, it’s added to the drink and boiled together until it gains a nice frothy layer on top thanks to the egg whites. The drink itself is also combined with chicory and peanuts to make a beverage that you either love or hate!

29. Coffee from Japan (traditional)

This traditional Japanese coffee has a very interesting preparation step which involves baking the beans first before actually making them into a drink! This process helps bring out the rich flavor of the drink which makes it especially popular in this part of Asia, as you can imagine! You can find more details about how to make it here.

30. Coffee from Hawaii (traditional)

The final type of coffee mentioned here comes all the way from Hawaii where it’s made using canned evaporated milk along with sugar for an extra sweet taste that you might enjoy if you often drink your coffee with milk and sugar. Just make sure to use evaporated milk instead of regular cow’s milk as this will give the coffee a much richer flavor that may not be for everyone but is definitely worth trying!

So there you have it – our list of 30 types of coffee that are out there in the world for you to try. We hope that this article has taught you something new and that you’ll be inspired to try some unique flavors besides your regular cup of joe!