Spring is almost here, meaning spring cleaning season is upon us. Unfortunately this year spring cleaning seems a little more challenging for some reason. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of 20 spring cleaning tips that will make your spring clean a breeze!

1) Write down everything before you start

Before you spring clean, write down all the spring cleaning tasks that needs to be done and depending on the size of your home, its probably best to do each spring cleaning tip one after another so you won’t forget and move onto spring cleaning tip 19 before spring cleaning tip 14.

2) Basic spring cleaning equipment & products

Records show that if you have basic spring cleaning equipment and products it makes spring cleaning a lot more efficient. The basic spring cleaning equipment includes: mop (to wash floors), duster (for dusting large surfaces such as walls and ceiling fans), vacuum cleaner (for vacuuming carpeted areas), cloths (to wipe off surfaces such as tables and counters), bucket (with water mixed with soap or some other kind of cleaning product) and spring cleaning products (spring cleaners with good spring cleaning scents).

Protective clothing and equipment are essential when using a variety of chemical-based cleaning products. Make sure to wear clothes made from nonflammable material. It would also be ideal to have as much skin surface covered, so it doesn’t get into contact with dust and debris. Being fully clothed and wearing the right footwear also help minimize the potential for getting bruises and scrapes by accident.

Wear an N95 mask, disposable cleaning gloves, and lightweight goggles. That way, minute particles and harmful bacteria don’t come into contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, and hands.

3) Don’t spring clean all at once

Even though spring is almost here, spring cleaning needs to be done gradually. Don’t spring clean all your rooms at the same time, wash your floors with mop water mixed with soap or some other kind of spring cleaner then place the mop in the corner or another room that’s not spring cleaned yet. When you’re done spring cleaning one area of your home, start on the next area until every room has been spring cleaned. It will take less than a month if you do it gradually instead of doing everything at once which would probably take two months instead.

4) Spring clean windows before windows get nastier

Before spring cleaning windows, make sure to clean all your spring cleaning equipment and products and place them where they belong afterwards. When spring cleaning windows it’s recommended that you open your windows before spring cleaning to let sunlight in which will make spring cleaning easier because once the sun goes down, spring cleaning becomes increasingly difficult. Don’t forget to wear protective clothing when spring cleaning such as a hat or sunglasses for that matter!

5) Spring clean blinds after spring cleaning window sills

If you have window blinds in your home chances are they’re covered in dust which is why we recommend spring cleansing them after spring cleansing window sills. If you don’t change the position of the rag when washing the blinds and do it from left to right then you’ll be spring cleansing blinds from the same spot repeatedly which will just spring clean dust back into the air.

6) Spring clean walls after spring cleaning window sills and blinds to avoid duplication of spring cleaning efforts

After spring cleansing window sills and blinds, move onto springcleaning your walls by wiping them down with a cloth dipped in water or spring cleaning products combined with water. Be very careful when spring cleaning walls because this is usually a high traffic area where a lot of people tend to touch frequently which means it’s easy for someone to slip and fall if they’re not paying attention. Make sure no one is walking through that part of your home when you’re spring cleaning walls!

7) Spring clean door sills while spring cleaning walls

If you spring clean your walls one day and then spring clean your floors the next, you can spring clean walls and spring clean door sills at the same time which will save you a lot of time. It’s recommended that you wear rubber gloves when spring cleaning door sills because they’re usually dirty from people opening doors with their feet since most doors don’t really have a handlebar on them anymore. Not only is spring cleaning door sills a great way to knock two spring cleaning tasks out in half the time but it also makes entering and exiting your home a whole lot more convenient!

8) Spring clean floors after spring cleansing blinds & before spring cleansing windows

You should finish up all your spring cleansing wall spring cleaning before starting on spring cleansing windows because spring cleansing window sills and spring cleansing walls both require a lot of time so we recommend spring cleansing your floors after spring cleansing blinds and finish up with spring cleaning doors. We also recommend you wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from any dirt or germs that might be present when springcleaning your floors. If you’re not wearing rubber gloves then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!

9) Spring clean fans after spring cleaning floors

Before washing the walls, open all the windows in order to let sunlight in because it makes spring cleaning much easier than darkening rooms during spring cleaning. The last part of our 10 step program is to place fans against the wall spring clean spring clean fans and switch them on to spring clean the air of spring cleaning dust particles. Make sure you don’t put your springcleaning fan too close to any curtains or blinds because it might ruin spring cleaning fabrics if you do!

10) Buy spring cleaning products to spring clean your spring cleaning fans

If you have a springcleaning fan that still has dust on it after spring cleaning windows and spring cleansing walls then you can use special springcleaning products designed especially for spring cleansing fans. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves while using spring cleasing products on your spring cleansing fan or wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!

11) Don’t spring clean in spring cleaning weather

It’s best not to spring clean during spring cleaning weather because spring cleansing is a lot more difficult when it’s springcleaning sunny outside. It’s recommended that you spring clean on cool spring cleaning days like fall and spring cleansing winter.

12) Don’t spring clean in the fall or winter

We recommend you don’t spring clean during fall and winter because there’s a lot less pollen in the air which means you won’t have to worry as much about allergies. Just remember: if your allergies still bother you, make sure not to touch any curtains or blinds while spring cleaning because they usually contain a lot of allergens. Just use our 10 step program and we can guarantee that your springcleaning efforts will result in happier, healthy home dwellers!

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