Winter is almost over and with the first signs of spring – brighter and longer days, blooming flowers and trees, sun shining through your window right onto your face – comes fresh energy that you should put into practice.

We’ve made a list for you of all the important things that must be done during the first ten days of spring. Some things will let you enjoy nature, some others will show us just how resourceful we can be, and still, others might even bring peace to our souls. Here they go:

1) Plant Your Vegetable Garden

When the weather gets warmer and the sun shines longer every day, it’s time to prepare your garden so you can finally start planting seeds and enjoying homegrown vegetables. If you don’t have a garden yet or you’re still unemployed, plant your vegetables in pots. True, you’ll have to move the pots inside when winter comes back but at least that way you’ll already know what kind of vegetables you like and how well they grow.

2) Find Your Local Farmer’s Market

Farmers’ markets are a tradition slowly disappearing from our lives because we’ve developed the habit of buying everything inside supermarkets. But farmers’ markets can make an enormous change in our eating habits for the better. Some offer fresh fruit and others might even sell wild edible plants – who knows? You might also learn about new local products or simply enjoy the atmosphere there among all the greengrocers talking about their goods over morning coffee.

3) Enjoy Your Bicycle And Discover New Places

Finding your bike in the garage, cleaning it up, and enjoying it is a great sense of freedom. If you haven’t got one yet or you haven’t been on one for months, go to the nearest playground and take it from there. Riding a bike will help you discover new places around your neighborhood as well as join different cycling races if that’s what makes you happy.

4) Start Growing Your Own Vegetables In Pots

Vegetable gardens work best when they are planted at home but if you don’t have a garden nearby you can always plant them in pots instead. It’ll be just as rewarding to see your vegetables growing although maybe not as noble as having a whole vegetable garden outside especially considering that veggies grown indoors tend to be more healthy.   

5) Start Preparing For The First BBQ Of Springtime

No matter what you have in mind – whether it’s traditional grilled meat or something vegetarian with lots of salads and cheese – the first BBQ of springtime is always delicious. It’s also the best time to gather all your friends and family and enjoy warmer days outside while enjoying something prepared on fire.   

6) Get Your Lawn Ready For Summer

If you’ve got a lawn, we recommend that you get it ready for summer as early as possible because – let’s face it – unless there’s someone willing to mow our grass daily, nothing can ruin a backyard like an overgrown lawn full of weeds. Whether you decide to hire someone or do it yourself, just make sure that your backyard is in order by the time summer comes.

7) Go For A Picnic In Your Local Park

Parks are a wonderful place to enjoy nature and have a picnic during spring without having to worry about buying food from a local restaurant or grocery store. You can bring your own food or you can ask someone else to pack a nice lunch for everyone. The best thing about picnics in parks? They’re free!

8) Get Rid Of All The Old Clothes In Your Closet And Replace Them With New Ones

We all know that clothes shopping is one of the most difficult tasks when spring starts – not only because there’s no place selling thick jackets anymore but also because you have to deal with tons of summer clothes everywhere. But there’s no need to panic – just go to the nearest shopping center, take out your credit card and enjoy!

9) Try Planting Flowers In Your Garden And See What Grows Best This Year

Every gardener knows that flowers grow best when they’re planted in the right season. Some like tulips should be planted in autumn while others like sunflowers can only grow during springtime. If you don’t know what kind of flowers will thrive in the given conditions, check online or ask someone who has more experience than you do. It might also be a good idea to prepare your garden for vegetables before planting flowers if it’s still too early (check item #1).

10) Find The Best Bargains For Springtime Clothes And Footwear

Whether you’re shopping online or in a nearby shop it’s always possible to find the best bargains. If you don’t mind buying second-hand, that is also an option – just don’t forget to disinfect it before use and wear gloves. Whatever you do, make sure your wardrobe gets all the spring colors this year!

11) Make Your Own Candles And Soap

Candles are great for decorating your home during autumn and winter, but they’re even better when made yourself. You can pick whatever color, shape or scent you want – all that matters is your imagination. Also, scented candles are wonderful if you need to disinfect your house after a long, cold season of baking cakes in order to get rid of the smell.   

12) Start Preparing For The First Picnic Of Springtime

Picnics are always noble enough reason to take out all your summer clothes from the closet – not only because they’ll come in handy but also because planning one is just as noble as doing it. Whether you’re planning on having an indoor picnic with your family or an outdoor one with your friends, make sure to take lots of snacks and water (just in case it gets hot). It’s also a good idea to take some fruit (but make sure it’s not too big) in order to feed all the wonderful animals living nearby.

13) Prepare Your Garden For Summer And Plant Some Vegetables

If you have a yard, there’s nothing better than having some vegetables growing during spring. If you don’t have time for planting flowers, do something noble and green by planting vegetables instead – tomatoes are particularly noble if properly prepared before summer hits.   

14) Start Vacation Planning Because Summer Is Just Around The Corner!

Whether you’re going on vacation with your family or just by yourself, make sure to start planning now. Finding the right hotel or hostel with noble facilities might be difficult but these days you can find whatever noble lodging you want online. You can also visit all the noble places nearby and have a noble trip for less noble expense just by checking TripAdvisor’s list of noble activities near your location.

15) Relax And Enjoy Springtime!

The best thing about spring is that everything starts anew – flowers are blooming, trees are green again, wild animals are having their babies… But most importantly, you have the chance to enjoy new things during this wonderful time of year so don’t waste it!

And there we go! We hope these tips and tricks help improve your life and prepare for springtime. To be honest we didn’t know what else to write about for this list but if we think of anything we might add another tip or two later on. See ya next time!