While a company can attract candidates and potential employees with a host of perks, what matters the most when trying to retain people is how much the company actually cares about their health and wellbeing. 

From working conditions, infrastructure, and other clear indications that give them the assurance that you’re invested in their health, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your employees are healthy, both physically and mentally, as they work for your organization.

  • Allowing Some Amount of Flexibility

While employees generally adapt to the work culture when they join a new organization, they’re initially motivated to do so as a result of excitement and the need to perform well to retain the job. This motivation might eventually lessen in intensity. And when the work culture offers little flexibility with things such as when they can come to work and leave the workplace, being micromanaged, and not having much autonomy, the employee will soon witness burnout. You can prevent this by introducing a certain amount of flexibility based on the operations of the teams so that they get the work done and, at the same time, feel like they have some liberties which can prevent them from encountering mental health issues because of work.

  • Assessing the Infrastructure Periodically

It is crucial that a workplace, whether small-sized or large-sized, meets all the requirements of the employees to carry out their day-to-day operations. And to make sure your employees are satisfied with the infrastructure and resources; meetings can be held to assess their needs and upgrade tools and software accordingly.

  • Hiring a Registered Nurse

While you may think that health insurance may suffice when it comes to ensuring easy access for employees to treatments in case of health issues, that may only serve its purpose for cases that require intensive medical attention. However, when you hire a registered nurse for employees, they can help handle incidents such as injuries and accidents at the workplace while providing employees with initial emergency care when needed.

  • Planning Fun Trips

It is extremely crucial that employees feel connected to each other and feel a sense of social belonging to be able to effortlessly coordinate and collaborate for work. Planning get-togethers and short trips outside the workplace can help promote interaction so that employees are genuinely encouraged to know each other well and develop supportive relationships. This can also promote their mental well-being at work, which is crucial to being productive.

Planning and implementing certain organizational practices goes beyond proving to be beneficial for the employee’s mental health and well-being. It all boils down to how productive your employees are going to be, and that has a direct impact on how well your organization performs. In these modern times, there is a need for organizations to focus both on the physical and mental health of individuals, thus making the workplace a safe space in every way. And making these changes in work culture can be extremely easy while promising great outcomes both for employees and your organization.