All our lives, we strive to get to know ourselves, our possibilities, talents, desires …

We all want to see ourselves in the best light possible. Tibetan Personality Test is an interesting way of getting to know yourself better and it is also a simple test that anyone can take with just a little bit of time.

No matter whether you are just curious or want to get some more insights into your personality, personal strengths, and weaknesses, this test will give you some very good feedback regarding your inner self.

Like with any other self-analysis tool, results may vary for different people even though they might have taken the test at roughly the same time, under similar circumstances. However, one thing is true about this particular analysis – it has been being used by several thousand people from around the world who have reported accurate results as far as their personal traits and characteristics are concerned.

True or not, it’s an excellent opportunity to have fun and think a little about yourself.

  1. Arrange the following five animals in order from favorite to least favorite:

a) a cow

b) tiger

c) sheep

e) horse

e) pig

  1. Write one word that best describes the following animals:

a) dog

b) a cat

c) mouse

e) coffee

e) sea

  1. Remember someone who knows you and is important to you, and you can associate him with one of the following colors. Do not repeat your answer twice. Only add one person to each color:

a) yellow

b) orange

c) red

e) white

e) green


  1. This is how life priorities are described:
  • A cow means CAREER.
  • Tiger means PRIDE.
  • Sheep means LOVE.
  • A horse means FAMILY.
  • Pig means MONEY.
  1. Animals describe your life:
  • A description of a dog means your personality.
  • A description of a cat indicates the personality of your partner.
  • The description of the mouse indicates the personality of your enemies.
  • The description of coffee signifies your experience of love life.
  • The description must show your lifestyle.
  1. Colors indicate:
  • Yellow: Someone you never forget.
  • Orange: Someone you can consider a true friend.
  • Red: Someone you really love.
  • White: Your soulmate.
  • Green: A person you will remember for the rest of your life.

There it is, at least for me, it describes my life. And I find it fairly accurate. How about you? Was this Tibetan Personality Test helpful and accurate for you?

Also, you could maybe use this test to do an analysis for your whole family or friends if you are really interested in their personality and try to understand them better (although, again, I’m not responsible for any consequences).

I hope you enjoyed the Tibetan Personality Test as much as I did!

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