For some people, hair is their trademark. Have you been trying to make your locks luscious for all these years, but never managed to? We suppose you didn’t know all the essential info about proper care of your type of hair. Maybe you don’t even know your type of hair. Either way, your locks have suffered enough, and now you’ve finally come to the right place where we’ll tell you all about the top tips and tricks for achieving that gorgeous hair you envy others for.

Wash hair properly

Are you washing your hair quickly, using too much shampoo, without thoroughly scrubbing your scalp? If you are, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t use a handful of shampoo even if you have long hair. The shampoo is only meant to wash your scalp, and the rest that slides down your locks as you rinse will be enough to refresh the locks. Conditioner plays a crucial part in keeping your strands shiny and healthy. Don’t rub shampoo all over the length of your hair, but gently swoop your palms over the entire length, leaving in the excess shampoo left on your palms. Rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Neither too hot nor too cold water is good for your hair, so it’s best to rinse with lukewarm water that leans more towards cold than warm.

Dry your hair naturally

If you’re one of those people whose hair looks lovely regardless of the way they dry it, choose to dry it naturally. Air drying instead of using hot appliances is much healthier as it won’t burn your hair. After washing the hair, let it sit with a towel on your head. The towel will absorb some of the water enough to prevent it from dripping all over the room. 20-30 minutes later, take off the towel and let the air do the work. That way, you don’t risk stripping the hair off its natural moisture but allowing fresh air to dry it out. All you’ll need to do to ensure shine is apply a little hair serum or nourishing oil to prevent the ends from splitting.

DIY hair styling without appliances

Aside from avoiding hair dryers, we suggest you embrace natural ways of styling your hair. Forget about hair straighteners and curling irons. Rely on curlers or some of the newest DIY hair styling methods involving a robe belt or a soft towel. You can achieve flawless locks with heatless at-home curling methods such as using a scarf, a headband, or regular plastic or foamy curlers.  

Comb the hair with care

Combing is another crucial step in having healthier hair. You cannot expect your locks to be shiny and smooth unless you treat them carefully. Using a proper comb or a hair brush is vital for achieving that glamorous healthy look. You can find some of the best hair brushes online and have the best-looking hair without spending a fortune. Brush the hair when it’s dry rather than wet because your hair is more prone to breaking when you comb it wet. If it tangles, be gentle until you untangle it. Don’t lose your nerves to start pulling and maniacally brushing because you can cause severe damage to your strands.

Visit the hairdresser regularly

While you can do plenty to keep the hair shiny and luscious at home, there are still beauty secrets and professional care only a hairdresser can offer to make the hair look and feel gorgeous. Just like your body needs occasional pampering at the spa, your hair needs maintenance from the pros. Trim it regularly and check with your hairdresser whether it needs more or less frequent trimming. Listen to every piece of advice they give you, as they know best how to help you keep your hair healthy all year long.

Choose dyes carefully

Have you been dying your hair for several years now? Did you ever take a break? Treating your hair with chemicals such as bleach or dye will inevitably dry hair out, making it more prone to damage. To prevent irreparable damage, only use certified and highly recommended products from your hairdresser or other hair experts. Don’t experiment with colour, highlights and lighting techniques at home unless you are a hairstylist. That’s especially true if you want to change the colour of your natural hair but also if you’re bored of your current artificial colour and wish to transform it into another extreme. Remember never to colour your hair too soon after treating it with bleach or colour earlier.

Final thoughts

Haircare can be challenging if you’re not following the basic rules. As long as you’re treating your hair ell by washing it properly and styling it without heating appliances, you’ll be one step closer to shiny, luscious locks. Trim it regularly, air dry it and listen to your hairdresser’s tips for the ultimate celebrity-like hairstyle that radiates shine, volume and strength.