You can’t deny it. There’s something about dogs and cats that make them man’s (and woman’s) best friend. With their loyal companionship, they bring out the best in us by making us feel like we truly matter to someone other than ourselves.

If you’re not convinced yet see here. It may be difficult for some people to own a pet because of allergies, financial restrictions, or health problems. But, if you are fortunate enough to be able to have one or more pets consider yourself lucky because owning a pet will change your life for the better! Here are the top reasons why:

They force you to take responsibility

When you decide to become a pet owner, it means that you are agreeing to take responsibility for another living being that will depend on you for food, shelter, and affection. Imagine the feeling of having someone trust you so much to take care of them when they cannot take care of themselves. That’s why adopting an animal is such a selfless act because the pet relies on the love and companionship of his/her humans in order to thrive.

Pets force you to get up and be active

Unlike people, animals don’t need coddling or pampering. They just want your attention, even if it’s just to see if they’re still important enough for you to show them some affection. And sometimes all they need is for YOU to pay attention by taking them outside for a quick walk or playtime. It’s nice to be needed, isn’t it?

Pets are good for your health

Because they want attention from their humans, pets will nudge you to interact with them. This is great because human-pet interaction has been proven to reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. They can also encourage exercise, as dog owners are most likely to take their dogs out more often than they would if they didn’t own one.

They teach you about responsibility

It takes around $8000 per year on average in the United States just to provide food and medical expenses for each animal in a household so owning a pet means taking an active role in its care which leads us back to point number one: responsibility. Pets demand to be fed and taken care of or else they will not thrive, just like people.

They make you feel loved unconditionally

Pets love their humans no matter what, which makes us feel secure and happy even when we’re feeling down. They don’t care if we spend all our time with them; as long as we give them some attention every once in a while they seem happy enough to curl up beside us and let us scratch their tummies! They also don’t judge if we do something wrong because the only thing they ask for is love and affection. You can’t put a price on that kind of unconditional love, now can you?

They teach us how to be patient

Pets, no matter what kind they are, have their own quirks and personalities which can take some getting used to. Whether it’s dealing with a cat that won’t come out from under the chair or training a dog to go outside instead of on the living room couch, having pets is like having your own little teacher who helps you learn about patience and understanding.

They make us feel needed

When we’re down in the dumps, our animals will always come up and cheer us up no matter how long it takes! We do the same for them when they need comforting as well. And don’t even get me started on those adorable cuddle sessions where we lay there giving each other love because those are the best!

They give us unconditional love

Just like number 5, pets will always love you unconditionally which is great when you’re having a rough day or week. They will always be there to greet you when you get home and they’ll never complain about what’s for dinner!

They make us feel happy

Above all else, our pets make us feel good because of their sweet personalities. From cats that follow us around purring in contentment to dogs who can’t stop wiggling around with joy when we come home, it’s impossible not to smile in front of their enthusiasm for life even on our worst days. Pets bring so much happiness into our lives and been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels!

They help us to move on from grief

Death is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to cope with. Having pets can help ease the pain because there is always another pet who needs love and care like another family member which means you still have someone that will support you through your time of sorrow.

All in all, pets are a great source of companionship and affection – not to mention good for your health! – so it’s best to take care of them as well as they take care of us. If you’re considering getting a pet, read this article by the American Heart Association which explains how pets can help lower stress levels and make us happier people because there really is no downside to owning a pet after all!