Is a dog right for you? The old saying goes ‘Man’s best friend’ and that couldn’t be more true. Dogs have been our best friends throughout history and have proven to be just what we need when it comes to being the perfect sidekick. Here are 10 reasons why having a dog around is beneficial for everyone involved:

1. Man’s Best Friend

Dogs offer us unconditional love, protection, companionship and they will always be there for us no matter what. Also called ‘man’s best friend’, dogs were domesticated to aid with hunting tasks as well as protect their owners from wild animals or intruders into the house. In return, dogs receive food, water, and shelter from humans in order to survive.

2. Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Having a pet around the house can help to reduce stress levels in humans because of their calming influence. As dogs are pack animals, they thrive on being close to other members of the family or ‘pack’ and will feel at ease when surrounded by their owners or fellow pets. In fact, research has shown that having a dog reduces stress by reducing blood pressure and slowing down breathing rates while increasing serotonin levels in humans which leaves them feeling contented.

3. Increases Social Interaction

Dogs need their owners to interact with them on a regular basis so it is beneficial for both parties involved if you have one around the house. Being social animals, dogs require human interaction on our terms so that they can learn the ropes of living with us. It’s important to train your dog as well as play, cuddle and talk with them on a regular basis so that they feel part of the family unit.

4. Aids With Child Development

As children are often more drawn to animals than adults, having a dog around the house is beneficial for their development. Children who own pets tend to have higher self-esteem and develop better social skills due to increased interaction with other people (mostly adults). Dogs can help children learn about empathy by showing affection towards their human friends without expecting anything in return apart from love and care. Also, dogs provide comfort when things aren’t going right which improves moods which eventually leads to little ones feeling safe enough to sleep.

5. Dogs are Entertaining and Exciting

Dogs can be very entertaining at times with their antics and ‘puppy-ish’ behaviors that leave us in stitches of laughter. It’s important for children to have a pet dog around the house so that they can learn about responsibility by taking on the role of caring for them as well as understanding their needs which includes feeding, walking, grooming, exercising and playing. Also, dogs offer excitement due to their sporadic movements when running around or noticing something outside through the window. This will stimulate children to go outdoors more often where there is plenty of things to explore like parks, forests, trails, etc…

6. Aids With Socialization

As mentioned previously, dogs provide companionship and love on a regular basis which will motivate children to go outdoors more often. Getting outside and getting physical is important for our health, but it’s also beneficial for socialization skills as well. Children will be motivated to interact with other people such as friends with who they can play ball games or families that are taking their dogs for a walk.

7. Reduces Allergies

Having any type of pet around the house is believed to reduce the risk of allergies in both adults and children due to bacteria and viruses being caught by animals at some point. As long as you keep your home clean and wash your hands regularly, there shouldn’t be any problem with owning a dog especially if you have one that sheds minimal hair – so poodles are your best bet!

8. Increases Resilience

Owning a pet is beneficial for children due to the fact that they will learn how to deal with loss or major life changes more quickly. When pets die, children need to understand that they won’t be back and that is just the way things are supposed to happen. This type of understanding will help them deal with future situations in an emotionally sound manner which boosts resilience.

9. Promotes Responsibility

When you have a dog, it’s important for kids to carry out their daily responsibilities by taking care of them properly so that everyone stays happy with one another…and this includes giving the dog enough exercise every day! A well-exercised dog is less likely to chew up your favorite pair of heels as well as soil the living room carpet – so it’s a win-win for all!

10. Helps With Boredom

Does your child have a lot of downtime with nothing to do? If so, they might feel a bit bored and could be looking at ways to keep themselves busy. Some children just need more physical activity in order to stay entertained but others may not know what they want from their lives or where they fit into society. Dogs can help with boredom due to the fact that they love attention and will demand it from family members on a regular basis…so this is definitely asking for it! Also, dogs are great companions when watching television on the couch which only stimulates laziness but also provides an attentive friend that isn’t judgmental or negative.

11. Reduces Depression

According to studies, adults and children with pets tend to be less depressed than those without which is due to the regular interaction that kids get from affectionate animals each day. You might think this sounds odd, but it makes sense because dogs are loving creatures that will always cheer you up when feeling blue so it’s important for them to have around if possible!

12. Saves On Vacations And Holidays

Going on annual vacations can get pretty expensive which is why some families choose not to travel outside of their country every year. However, your Fido doesn’t mind all that much where you go considering they will be right there with you while away…and they will always be happy to see you regardless of how long it’s been. Also, you don’t need to get your dog a stuffed animal that looks like them when on vacation because they are already with you!

Did this convince you to get a pet? There is nothing like the unconditional love that pets give which is why they are important to have around. Dogs are great companions that will always be by your side no matter what is going on in life which is why everyone needs one!