Everyone wants to know what stops the zodiac signs from indulging in love affairs. Actually, it’s not always easy to say no when you are faced with temptation or flirting opportunities. But some people find it more difficult than others to resist these things – sometimes even impossible! If you are wondering which zodiac signs have challenges staying faithful, there are some factors that influence this feeling. Here are the most common reasons why the zodiac signs “can’t” have an affair:

Each sign is ruled by a planet and each planet has its own meaning. For instance, Leos are ruled by “the sun” who symbolizes authority, independence, power and rulership. The moon represents raw emotions, instincts, mood swings and being in touch with oneself.


Leo is a fixed sign so they are good at adhering to their own desires. They have the power to control their emotions when it comes to love affairs because they are loyal creatures by nature. But sometimes when Leos meet someone who has strong powers of seduction, that person is likely making them feel all confused inside.

The fact that most Leos were born in August gives us more clues about these characteristics of this zodiac sign. This month’s rulers are traditionally associated with luck in terms of money, but it doesn’t mean that Leo people don’t want love affairs too! A lot of celebrities are ruled by the sun or the moon in Leo. Here are some examples: Beyonce, Ryan Gosling, and Johnny Depp.


Taurus is ruled by Venus so all Taureans share a powerful drive and intense feelings towards love. This earth sign usually gets what they want when it comes to acquiring something they desire. But this zodiac sign does not like to rush – especially in love affairs. They also like to feel confident in their relationships and rarely get attracted to someone else unless that person is extremely charming and even more attractive than their current partner. If you ask a Taurus who doesn’t have a partner yet how he/she feels about the opposite sex, the answer will be simple: “I don’t think I’m ready for having a relationship right now.”


This air sign is ruled by Mercury. If you are wondering what stops the zodiac signs from indulging in love affairs, Gemini should be your number one choice! These people have a strong personality and they are often good at resisting temptation in any area of their lives because they know how to communicate their feelings to others well. Their easy-going nature makes them feel comfortable when speaking about anything intimate with their partners so it’s hard for them to flirt with someone else.

By the way, it’s also common for Geminis to have more than one partner. They are highly sexual beings so they need a lot of love in their life, which is perfectly fine with them if their partners don’t mind sharing them! Some Gemini celebrities are Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, and Johnny Depp.


This water sign is ruled by the moon like Leo people. They feel strong emotional attachments when they become involved in relationships, but these creatures can’t stay faithful for too long – that’s why many Cancers may act like players when dating. But once they find their favorite partners who make them feel confident about themselves, Cancers tend to keep things simple because they like it like this.

Cancer people are emotional creatures so they are vulnerable when it comes to love affairs, but they have good intuition that protects them from being easily manipulated by others. This zodiac sign is very picky when choosing who to date or fall in love with because all of their requirements must be met before moving forward in a relationship. Some famous Cancer celebrities are Kit Harrington, Celine Dion, and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury just like Gemini. These people have a strong mind especially when it comes to love because they are not slaves to their emotions. This way, Virgos can find the right balance between being true to themselves and following other people’s desires in a relationship.

They may seem reserved or even cold sometimes but this zodiac sign feels more than any other zodiac signs do when it comes to finding good feelings from another person so if you want to catch one of these creatures’ hearts, you need to be vocal about your feelings and intentions! Some Virgo celebrities are David Beckham, Taylor Swift, and Cate Blanchett.


Libras share characteristics with both air and water signs so they can be a little bit complicated when it comes to love affairs. They are ruled by the planet Venus just like Taurus, so they have a lot of passion stored somewhere deep inside them and have a good taste for art which is something that makes them feel very close to their partners.

However, Libras often get bored with people before the other party even gets a chance to show his/her feelings towards them because these creatures need time to get into things at their own pace! Their indecisive nature might have something to do with this habit but you should know that if you want a Libra lover forever, you need to accept both sides of their personality: rational and irrational! Some famous Libra celebrities are Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ryan Gosling.


This water sign is ruled by the planet Pluto just like Capricorn people. Scorpios are great at dealing with their own feelings and they hate wasting their time when it comes to love affairs because they know that sometimes people can let you down or betray your trust without thinking twice! This has happened many times in this zodiac sign’s past so even if these creatures enjoy love (which is totally normal for all human beings), they don’t want relationships to make them feel miserable again.

Also, it’s common for their partners to talk about other men/women especially when they suspect that there’s something going on the two lovers but Scorpios don’t like being a jealous person so they will keep things close to their hearts and not let anyone know what’s going on in their minds. Some famous Scorpios are Kim Kardashian, Pope Francis, and Cate Blanchett (again).


Sagittarius is an earth sign governed by Jupiter, as well as other signs including Virgo and Pisces. People born under this sign enjoy exploring new possibilities and having fun with life, which means that if you want them to be your partner, you must accept that traveling together or simply spending time apart may be a part of your daily routine!

The issue is that Sagittarians dislike being at home for too long, so if you’re a homebody, bear this in mind while selecting your partner or love interest. Sagittarians are also not very obedient since they enjoy tactile contact with others, which can create numerous issues in relationships.

Their positive mindset when it comes to life is definitely one of the traits these people have so if you’re dark and melancholic, don’t expect them to want your company all the time. Some famous Sagittarius personalities are Angela Merkel, Emma Stone, and Eric Clapton.


The earth sign ruled by Saturn is incredibly ambitious when it comes to love because they simply won’t settle for less than what they deserve! These creatures always themselves first which means that their partners should know that Capricorn people want to be with someone who can treat them well.

However, if you are an ambitious person yourself or have a lot of self-respect, Capricorns will find it very easy to get close to you because they hate being with people who don’t take their lives seriously! Some famous Capricorns are Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Allen, and George Clooney.


This air sign is ruled by the planet Uranus just like Geminis so in many ways, these two signs are very similar in terms of personality traits. When it comes to love affairs, Aquarians’ main issue is that they tend to push their partners away when things get serious which has something to do with their inability to make emotional connections.

Since they are not very good at controlling their emotions, these individuals choose to keep some distance between them and their potential partners which might be frustrating for others because it’s not easy to get close to an Aquarius when you’re in love with him/her. Some famous Aquarian celebrities are Jennifer Lawrence, David Beckham, and Judi Dench.


This water sign is governed by the planet Neptune just like Scorpios so many of its traits will be similar to those of this zodiac sign’s! Pisces people tend to be very creative even though they also enjoy helping other people in need but if you want to have a relationship with one of these human beings, keep in mind that they need a lot of time for themselves.

Pisces people aren’t very demanding either so if you want to have them by your side, don’t think that you will have to buy expensive gifts every now and then! Despite being incredibly creative individuals, Piscean personalities dislike confrontations so it would be smart not to start a fight with them. Some famous Pisces celebrities are Matt Damon, Audrey Tautou, and Bjork.


This fire sign ruled by Mars is the first sign in the zodiac so if you have a strong personality and know how to have fun, don’t be surprised if Aries people find you very attractive. This sign’s main issue is that they simply can’t maintain a relationship for too long which means that those who want to begin a relationship with an Aries will have to accept their need to take things slowly.

In addition, it would be smart not to mess around with them because as I’ve already mentioned above, this sign doesn’t react well when other people try to control or manipulate them into doing something they don’t want. Some famous personalities born under this sign are Ellen DeGeneres, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jennifer Aniston.

There you have it! If you want to date a Scorpio, Pisces or Aquarius, then there are a few things that you need to know about them before starting a relationship with one of these creatures.

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